Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol - Jacob goes Home?

Hi Thursday Fans! I've been remiss but i want to post before I go to my critique group-  to announce that I believe that Jacob will go home on American Idol this evening.
Everyone sang their best last night but i fear that Jacob's best is not the American Idol Dream. Scotty and James were last night's front runners, Lauren was her amazing but insecure self, Haley and CAsey must go on tour together now but Jacob was the weak link. I'm sorry. I loved the fact that he's brave enough to wear a plaid golf coat on national TV and smile with such vulnerability but it's time for him to go. Both James and Scotty stepped it up to the point where they might just be the top two? Scotty's best was last night and I'm not a big Scotty fan, so far.
The bottom three...Haley (hey- what's a Thursday night without her in the bottom 3, Jacob and maybe Lauren. We'll see in one hour...

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