Monday, May 9, 2011

I turned 54 - Birthday

Yesterday was my 54th birthday and I have to say although most days I feel 44, yesterday I felt every day of my years. I'm not sure why, but it could have had something to do with the girls' weekend I'd just come off of. Keeping up with 40 year olds is a challenge and even though I am aware of my limitations, I did not think that one of them was having a busy weekend in San Francisco. I did not drink heavily, I did not stay up late partying, I did not do anything that might have jeopardized my ability to keep up and contribute to the group of 7 gals, but still I came home feeling like a truck ran over me.
So my question is this: At 54, is it too much to ask your body to have a glass of wine at lunch, two or three with dinner, wear high heels, talk loudly, hold in your tummy, miss a few hours of sleep and breathe second hand smoke for three days? I wouldn't have thought so, especially because I got lots of sunshine time, fresh air, did loads of deep breathing, drank gallons of water and even did lengths in a lovely swimming pool. Maybe my downfall was the exertion of looking good. Not only endeavoring to keep up socially with 6 younguns' I was stylin' myself all weekend, and that might have been what did me in. Wearing heels is hard for long periods of time, as is worrying about makeup, hair and if you add a cute factor to the group or the old lady factor. I felt good, thought I looked good, and functioned with all that in mind. I think that is what was exhausting, along with plane travel and car sickness when the taxi driver zig zagged our way to the airport to avoid the traffic to the Giants game on Saturday.
Regardless, I'm grateful and in awe that my husband saw the need for me to go to San Fran at the 11th hour, found the air miles and booked me. I'm grateful for my sensitive husband, my generous friends (E girl) and my good genes that allow me to act like I"m 40 even though my body is telling me today to take the restful nap of a 54 year old.
Thanks for listening...

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