Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol - And then there were two

Tonight we will wittle the top 3 to 2 and I'm thinking Haley (The Comeback Kid) might be safe after her astounding version of a Led Zepplin song last night. She rocked the house, we got to see her with Daddy Rhinehart and for the first time in many weeks we got more of a glimpse of the likeable girl who is Haley. I voted for her twenty or so times and no one else.
Scotty was smarmy-good, as usual, and Lauren proved once again that her chops are awesome but she's not ready socially for the Idol staff to move in and make a star of her. I must say whoever is dressing her is doing one bang up job though. It would be funny for Haley to wear Lauren's stuff and visa versa. Someone must have told Haley her best asset is her little shapely legs though, and she shows them off like that's the only thing she has going for her. Last night Haley's outfits were a step up from the disasters she has worn in previous weeks. The fringey mini was darling. What a come back she is making with her song choices and her amazing voice!
I think Lauren will get eliminated tonight and there will be loads of tears but when you don't actually believe you deserve the honor (as mentor Beyonce talked about last night), how can we believe it? We've brought you as far as we can, sweetie.
And Scotty...I have no doubt that you are one talented dude, fully deserving of a career in Nashville with your own bus, fiddle player and jeweled microphone. I just don't see you as the Idol and I'm not sure if America does either. Only 7 days will tell.
I'm usually surprised on elimination night though so I'll be prepared for anything in an hour. Unfortunately now that James and Pia are gone, I'm not that invested. Any of them could win and I wouldn't cry for the others. This is no race with David and David or Adam and Chris. This is different in many ways. Either way, the top two will finally have a girl in there andI'm hoping for Haley.
What about you?

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