Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing Versus Housework, DWTS and Idol

It's Monday morning, rainy outside, here in Seattle and the last thing I want to do is tackle the mess that is known as my house. Instead I shall execute a method of time management that allows you to do the fun stuff but sets aside an hour here and there to buckle down and get something done. At precisely 11 am, I will move away from the computer, go upstairs and organise my children's clothing which is strewn all over their floors. Has been for weeks. Either my kids have way too many clothes or we have way too few dresser drawers and hangers because you cannot see their bedroom floors for the clothing. I feel so badly for my children that this has happened but as good sports they are functionning, in spite of their clothing problems. After I can see the rug in their bedrooms, I will vacuum. That is if I still have time in that one hour block that I set aside to do this. That's how the time management system works. At the one hour mark you are allowed to drop everything and go back to fun stuff, which in my case means writing.
Today I am working on querying more agents about The Dream Jumper. It's getting turned down on the query alone so I'm thinking a new query is on the horizon. I just hope there are new agents on the horizon too because I have alot of queries out there and need fresh agents who might be willing to take a look at some pages.
Tonight is Dancing with the Stars and although I'll watch, I don't care who wins. It's a popularity contest as well as a dancing contest and I'm not that invested in who gets the tacky mirror ball trophy. Chelsea, the blonde Disney gal, is probably the best dancer of the group and it would be a great boost to her career if she won. Kirstie deserves a mirror ball trophy just for loosing so much weight so fast and RAlph Macchio deserves something for being such a nice guy as well as someone who can transform from a geeky 49 year old in dark ankle socks with ugly shorts to a smokin' hot torreador with spiked hair and eyeliner (a look I kinda like). The football guy is a contender to win also. See? I don't care.
Idol this week will feature the top 3 - Scotty, Haley and Lauren. Haley will go home of course, seeing she's Queen of the bottom 3 and her luck as the comeback kid has got to run out. Either Scotty or Lauren will end up being The American Idol in two weeks and if America wants a teen country crooner, both are talented. They are not anywhere near ready for the fame and attention that will come their way but don't go on American Idol for the California vacation. You go because you want to be the Idol and even though Lauren won't sing a song called "I'm Evil" (in fun) because she doesn't want America to think she's evil, she has alot of evil coming her way soon and she better get ready. Both those teens better hold onto their cowboy boots because they are about to grow up real fast as the tornado known as the Hollywood Starmaker Machinery sweeps them up. It'll be interesting to see what happens this year but like DWTS, I'm not invested anymore and probably won't vote. When Pia left and James got kicked out, I lost faith in the American public's ability to vote a worthy and ready candidate to become a recording star. We lost the two singers who would've made something amazing of the opportunity. CAn you say Chris whatever his name was two years ago?
It's almost my hour to do the kids' rooms so I'd better get myself prepared for the boredom and gulp down that last cup of coffee. The house doesn't clean itself although I wish someone would invent something better than that rhumba thing that hardly picks up the dog hair and needs to be emptied every two minutes.
As always, thanks for listening.

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