Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Writing and SElf Publishing and Writing

Wow! Firstly I can't believe I figured out a way to get to the internet and be able to blog again. My computer is like a stupid relative that ...no wait that is my laptop. It is an unwanted relation that only works minimally and...never mind. The analogy sounded really great when I thought of it this afternoon but now, I can't remember the super-funny metaphor.
Writing...if anyone out there actually reads this blog, I'd like to say that I love to write, love to read my words back and then post them. What is that? Do I actually think I'm so interesting? Well, that is the nature of blogging and I guess I do. Everone should blog and think they are this important.
This week I'm at a strange impasse. I've got a finished novel. Done. Until someone tells me to change something, it's over. I"ve re-worked the ending so many times, I'm sick of the beginning. I have queries out there but no one seems too interested. WHY? I'm a first timer and that is like having leprosy. Or trying to get the lead in a Brad Pitt movie. I'm considering E self pub in the fall.
 I have two other novels in the same condition. Both finished, both good stories, both in need of serious editing but I'm leaving them until some interest is generated.
 I wrote a contemporary romance novella and submitted it at the beginning of the week. (Actually, I wrote it, edited for two weeks, then submitted) to Heartbreakers and Heroes. It's a sweet little story. Set around the L.A. reality show industry. I like it and I have to say that if it sells, I'll reconsider writing romance, which seems to be the only genre that is really selling.
I'm doing several blogs, including one for our community paper The Patch. I have to be way more careful what I say on that one but that makes it a good challenge.
Every day I write, edit, compose. My house is a mess. My kids and dogs are neglected to a certain degree which still leaves them spoiled. Today I went back to my first novel and am working on it a bit. I will re-query that one this summer seeing it generated the most interest because of its subject matter. Adoption in Taiwan.
My critique group has lost some of its inertia, but will be gearing up again soon to run full steam ahead. There are four of us really working it right now. Three with finished manuscripts, waiting for agent representation, hoping for publication and the fourth is writing an awesome novel that needs basically nothing from us, as she writes. Me, I take 23 passes at the same sentence but she writes it perfectly the first time. Another active member is starting to write a YA novel and has awesome advice and needs awesome advice. Several are sitting on the sidelines this year. I love my critique group. I only wish I could think of a catchy name for us besides The Nitpickers or An Awesome Group of Professional Women Who Write and Meet Every Other Thursday at a BAr in Kirkland. Is it any wonder why we writers band together to support each other like this? There are millions of us out there, trying to get a book deal. Ha Ha. I almost typed record deal and then remembered that was my old life. That reminded me that they say you must spend 13 years to learn a new craft to the point you get REALLY good at it. In that case I have about 7 more years to go unless I spend more than 2-3 hours a day on that craft. Which I do. Which brings me to the point of doing this blog. I write because I love to do it, whether I'm working on a novel, a story, a blog or an email and today I needed a few more hours to write to cut that 13 years to 10!
Thanks for listening.

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