Friday, May 13, 2011

James Durbin Leaves Idol

I won't pretend I'm not surprised to see James leave Idol. He was the one contestant that never looked like a deer caught in the headlights, who commanded the band behind him, who loved the audience almost too much. He came into this thing an accomplished performer, a showman and brought everything he had to the table. Without ever hearing his story of Tourettes and Aspbergers, his past with being bullied, his son at such a young age, James Durbin was vote-worthy as a singer alone. When he sings rock he brings the house down. When he tackles a more quiet song his voice is lacking but his emotions take over to the point that we don't give a flying fig what he sounds like. But Wednesday night the American public chose to let him go and since last night's elimination, I've been trying to understand what happened. I, for one, voted only for James, having learned my lesson with Pia. He was my favorite and I want to buy his music after this so I sat on the phone for 30 minutes voting repeatedly for the singer who loves the WWF and sings heavy metal. America did not come through for James and I think I know why.
He's going to move on to a successful recording career fronting his own band Daughtry-style, but both Scotty and Lauren will move into the top two after next week, I'm sure. America is ready for a country idol and these teens are ripe for the pickin'. They both have developped their talent and charisma onstage over the last few weeks to the point that they are almost ready for what will meteor their way in a few months. They both have strong faith in God, choosing songs that support Christianity and let's face it, right now a large part of America is feeling protective about it's religion and roots. And they both are wholesome role models for teens which is something we lack these days. Scotty and Lauren are good Idol material.
What's really funny and surprising is poor ole Haley still hanging on, even though she's a regular in the bottom three and not a favorite with the judges. Her tenacity is endearing and the sympathy vote was in full swing this week, keeping her yet another week to mis-choose her songs and wear tacky clothes.
I'll miss James but look forward to buying his music even though he was looking forward to the title, the redemption and the glory. it was a sweet moment last night when he went through the audience twice, trying to kiss his wife Heidi, once getting poked in the eye with her nose and once actually planting a kiss on her lips. Hopefully today he realizes that it's probably better to get on with his career and is signing with Jimmy as I type this.
Over and out.

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