Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette on ABC

Second week in and already we have a villain on ABC's The Bachelorette. And he's named after a car, unlike the most hated contestant (to this point) Wes who wasn't named after a car but was way nicer to the the gal than this scum bag, Bentley. Oh God but it makes good television when the contestant says horrible things about the woman on camera then goes to kiss her simply because he's competitive and wants her to think (or America) that he's the best guy there. Drop that idea Bentley because now you are the worst guy, not only there, but in all America after last night's airing. I can't imagine you'll get a date in a long time after saying that you don't like Ashley but you'd let her tickle your _ickle. I feel most sorry for Bentley's daughter Cozy,(after Ashley), who waits back in Utah to see if Daddy is bringing home a wife. God help that kid. Let's hope the mother is something wonderful, for Cozy's sake.
Moving on, my front runner is Mickey but E is crushing on West. They are both nice lookers, unlike the guy wearing the mask who even swims in the Bachelor pool with a full black mask on his unshaven face. And what was that shot last night of the masked man on the toilet in his mask. Come on ABC! Do you really need to show that? My theory is that Jeff (masked man) has a huge Frankenstein scar across his forehead where he had brain surgery a few years ago when his wife divorced him for being too weird. Or he divorced her (he said) for some lies told in their marriage. "Sure honey, I love it when you wear that mask to bed."
AShley had a one on one date with Prince William, I mean the smiley guy william and although I think he's a fantastic sport for pretending to marry her ("awkward", my 9 year old daughter sang when the minister started the vows), I think he's too young for Ash. Too sweet. If she's leaning towards Bentley, she likes a challenge, a bad boy, someone who doesn't necessarily want her.
Mickey, the chef from Cleveland seems nice but E says he looks weird. I agree but i like that. He's gorgeous but has a weird look. But he did say that he hoped his date with Ashley was his last first date ever and that is the sweetest thing to say EVER!
The Harvard guy is weird as is the masked guy but hey, she's got to keep some of them around just for fun right? She can't fall for all of them. (mickey)
Next week, it looks like Bentley tells her he's going home to Utah to his Family Fun Center because she's not his type and she goes to bed to cry. In my opinion, she should send up fireworks of rejoice and hopefully now knows that. Keep watching.
It's my shameless guilty pleasure, watching this stupid show. I love to see the group dynamics, the dating, the drama, the costumes, the locations, the editing. Even though I know the odds are against it, I still hope that two people will find each other in the process and end up wildly in love.
Out for now.

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