Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One Man Throws Andi Under the Bus on The Bachelorette Finale

One man is deliriously happy and one man is devastated enough to reveal on national TV that he and Andi did the dirty deed and then she dumped him. More on that in a bit.

The much anticipated Bachelorette finale was everything we could have asked for last night on ABC. The new format for the finale includes watching with a live studio audience hosted by Chris Harrison. It's almost like we are at an L.A. Bachelorette party! With lights, cameras, and former contestants in the front row looking uncomfortable and highly makeup'ed.
The Bachelorette Finale was set in the Dominican Republic at Casa de Campo where only Nick and Josh remained as Andi's choices for possible husbands. First up was the bashful, extremely nervous Nick Viall who brought Andi's mother a mega bouquet of flowers and her father a bottle of something that looked alcoholic.
Nick stumbled through lunch, obviously not the confident person we've seen in previous shows, interrupted Patti, the mom, to tell her how much he loves her daughter and asked for the dad's blessing if and when he decided to propose. Hy, the dad, paused long enough to make us squirm in our chairs in TV land, wondering if he'd refuse. He reassured Deer Caught in Headlights Nick that if Andi chose him, he'd trust her judgment. Phew. I thought Nick was going to faint from nerves on that one.

Next we cut to commercial and when we came back, Chris Harrison plugged Bachelor in Paradise and then back to the giant studio TV screen and the Dominican Republic.
It was Josh's turn to sweat and stutter with the parents and sister, Rachel. The former baseball player (doesn't this guy have a job?) from Atlanta arrived with a smaller bunch of flowers and what looked like a box of cigars that he almost handed to the sister in his nervous discombobulations. Sitting with Andi on the couch, he laid his hand on her thigh and proceeded to sweat through his blue shirt.Andi sat tight with Josh and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Hy actually gave his blessing when Josh asked permission to propose to Andi and they set up a golf date for three months from the day. Just kidding.
The sister Rachel tried to cut to the core of Josh and determine if his too- good- to- be- true factor is real or if he is just this wonderfully handsome, available, athletic, lovable guy. Rachel and her turtle tattoo couldn't tell but advised Andi to follow her heart.
Andi's date the next day was with Josh and the kissing factor was ramped up to warp factor/ maximum overdrive as they motored to a snorkel spot on a yacht and took the kissing to the ocean. Later, at Josh's hotel room, they kissed some more, flirted, talked, and Josh all but put the ring on her finger. This guy must be in sales because he sure was assuming the sale like there was no elephant in the room. He even made her a baseball card, with stats and her new name Andi Murray. I don't think he even realized at this point that there was another contestant who loves her a million percent (as Nick would say, and did).

Nick's last date with Andi was off-roading in a jeep to a picturesque picnic spot where they said a whole lot of nothing. Nick's admission to the camera made no sense even though he said it twice. "If I ask Andi to marry me, it will be because there's not a doubt in my mind it's me." I don't think Nick knew the format of the show either. If you are the last one standing, it's you, and you are free to ask her to marry you. Later, they talked in his suite, she reassured him that everything was going to be alright and every time he voiced doubts, she kissed him. Andi is not allowed contractually to say "I love you" so Nick understood and felt a lot more confident after she didn't say those three words.
This is the part where Neil Lane flies in with bling and rings are chosen. Spoiler Alert: Only one man chose a ring. The other man didn't even get to see the jeweler from L.A. before Andi headed to his room to cut him loose.
Josh chose an enormous sparkler for his fiancee and Andi visited Nick's hotel room to let him down easy. She awkwardly told Nick that she didn't want to take him to a rose ceremony seeing he'd been jilted before by a fiance and she didn't want to add to his pain. Nice thought but this kind of jilting only saved Nick the trouble of dressing up with a ring in his pocket. That's all. But this is the nature of the game. One person always leaves broken-hearted. Nick was blind-sighted by Andi's withdrawl of love/feelings and I would've felt really sorry for the guy but...
A month ago I watched a video taken from someone's cell phone during the flight Nick took from the Dominican Republic so I knew that Josh was Andi's choice and Nick would go home devastated. The video was filmed from behind Nick's seat, through the crack, and showed him telling his sister or mom that he'd been cut loose. The video was sent to Reality Steve who released it. During the phone call Nick was understandably upset and said things I'm sure he now regrets. Or should. It seems that the men might have been right about ole Nick. He has a bit of a nasty side, something which was proven on After the Final Rose.

Next, was Josh's proposal at an oceanfront setting with sailboats in the background. Finally, Andi could admit that she is madly in love with Josh and has been for many weeks. Josh's little speech about his feelings for Andi was eloquent and touching. This man LOVES Andi. Of that, we are sure. And now we are sure that Andi loves him. She said so. Yipee! A happy ending.
But not for Nick who wandered around Milwaukee near the Rock Bottom Pub, then flew to Mexico to talk to Andi on vacation with no luck. He even crashed The Men Tell All to talk to Andi but wasn't granted an audience with his almost former fiancee. Poor guy. She wouldn't talk.
Andi might have done better to talk privately with Nick Viall because it was only a matter of minutes before he threw her under the bus on national TV on After the Final Rose.
But before that we cut to the most bleachable moment which heartlessly was the men trash talking Nick and then him arriving back from his date. When silence fell on the bachelor's room for 2 solid minutes, indicating that no one wanted to converse with Nick, it was awkward!
Things got more awkward when they brought out Andi to share the hot seat with Nick and she wore her resting bitch face and refused to look at him. Getting nothing but "I never loved you," Nick was forced to pull out his big gun and revealed the no-no secret. He asked why she took things so far, why they made love. In my dictionary that phrase means one thing but there was still a 1% chance Nick meant heavy canoodling until Andi barked at him that that was private. He said he didn't want to hit below the belt and she countered with "you already did." Game over. Andi's face turned to super bitch and Nick had no hope of compassion after that. Or an explanation of how she could "love" him so much and then not. Goodbye Nick. Adios. A gentleman does not reveal on TV anything about private moments and you proved that you aren't a gentleman. Any sympathy I had for Nick at this point went out the window faster than Neil Lane can fly back to L.A. from the Dominican Republic, having sold only one ring.
Nick was quickly dismissed during a commercial, Josh was brought out, and Andi's smile returned. These two are so cute together! I predict they might even make it to the alter if they can refrain from sexting old lovers. Andi says she wants a long engagement but Josh is ready to walk the aisle and start having children tomorrow. Very cute.
As the closing credits rolled, my hubby reminded me that we still don't know who the next Bachelor is even though earlier the camera cut to Farmer Chris when Michelle Money asked Chris Harrison to reveal. I wonder if Michelle gets extra cash for planting that seed? Farmer Chris looked extremely uncomfortable when the audience waited, which made me think Chris Soules hadn't said yes yet.
Update: I just read that The Bachelor spot is between Ari the race car driver (What?!) and Farmer Chris.
Who has your vote?

In the meantime, aren't Josh and Andi cute together?

Kim Hornsby is the author of THE HUSBAND HUNT, a free novella on Amazon Books available for download that resembles watching a season of The Bachelor. She lives in the Seattle area where she also writes Bestselling novels.

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