Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Andi Dorfman Nixes the Fantasy Suite!

This week I flew to the Dominican Republic to romance three gorgeous men without a care in the world. Oh wait. Not me. Andi.

Last night's episode of The Bachelorette took us south (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere) to the island of the Dominican Republic. It's the co-joined twin of Haiti in the Caribbean. Took me three tries to spell that last word! Don't ask  me to spell Hispaniola.

Andi pulls her own small suitcase, yea right, along the marble floor to her tropical paradise hotel room and ponders her week with the last three men who have stolen her heart. As I watched her apply makeup in her bathroom mirror, I got a few tips on how to lightly dust my non-existent cheekbones with blush to add a hint of bone structure. Nice.

The first date was with Nick, the man who was awarded the first impression rose way back when, the Software Sales Executive in Chicago and man-mumbler. His earlier tweet told his mother to not let Bella watch the show and hashtagged #fantasysuites so I assumed they'd accept the proverbial key at the end of their date.
First stop, a private island via helicopter, where they picnicked and swam and avoided awkward moments where Nick could not blurt out the three words Andi was hoping to hear. He tried to tell her that he loved her but like a big ole potato stuck in the throat, they wouldn't emerge farther than the larynx. Swim time! My favorite quote on this date was when Andi said "He's got a body on him." Of course I took it literally and giggled in my chair. Everyone has a body on them or they'd just be a head. Did anyone else notice the coral seemed phallic-shaped when they snorkeled? Those clever producers and camera people, planting ideas in our minds.
Nick wrote Andi an adorable book/fairytale about their relationship so far, complete with child-like drawings that I'm pretty sure Bella did when they were on hometowns. It was super-cute and allowed Nick the confidence to pull Andi aside to the shadows, pose against a palm tree and tell her he loves her (with his hands behind his back). They kissed passionately afterwards and headed to the Fantasy Suite to talk and stuff all night. Nick was very child-like on this date--insecure and bashful, which led me to believe they might just have an all-night game of hangman or thumb wars.

Josh, my personal favorite, had the next date and the editors showed lots of talk to the camera shots of her doubting her feelings for the big galloot. Sadly, there was no scarf on this date but Josh was able to be Mr. Fun Guy anyhow dancing in the street with Andi, speaking Spanish to the natives (I was wildly impressed), and even drinking a potion to insure virility. Who wouldn't want to hang with him, potion or not, scarf or not? At a kids' baseball game (not official little league--just normal kids playing baseball on a dusty baseball field), they joined the fun, ran around, mingled with kids and Josh proved himself as a potential great dad. Sitting in the shade afterwards with a giant coconut drink, the two lovebirds talked about parenting. Now, if you've actually had children there's nothing that squashes romance like a talk about parenting but for these two it seemed to up the attraction factor.
At dinner Josh fast-talked in his Elvis voice and did all but propose marriage. He wants this woman to be his forever. He's ready to make this legal, add Andi to the Josh and his dog Sabel family. Andi isn't allowed to talk about her feelings but the evening ended in noisy kissing in the fantasy suite pool. Cut to the full moon, fuzz the focus and fade out.

The next day Andi had a horseback riding date with Chris, the farmer from Iowa. But Andi is as scared of horses as I am and I had to chug a huge glass of wine to calm my jitters as she bounced and trotted and swore her head off down the dusty road. Horses are terrifying! Chris expertly rode beside her. They stopped at a scenic pullout for wine and a quick game of daylight Ghost in the Graveyard. Favorite quote on this date was Chris saying he loved the tractor ride in Iowa where Andi "hopped on my lap and went to town."

At dinner, Andi did not look particularly happy and we wondered if Chris's dirty pants on the riding date had put her off. Someone tell him he has a dirty butt, producers! Andi didn't even get to dinner, wine, or the fantasy suite card before she started to explain to the big farmer that it isn't Iowa that has come between them. No. apparently she can see herself driving that tractor into the sunset with Chris. But she can't make him wait for a rose ceremony for two days, wondering if he's going to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves. It's not Iowa. It's him. Phew! As Chris realizes that she's dumping him and he needs to leave, he eloquently reassures her that he'll be okay and she walks him out. The date ends before it begins. But Andi, he could move the farm to L.A. (you have to know that Andi is probably not going back to being a D.A. in Atlanta after this.)
Can't Chris play a farmer on a TV show so we can watch him every week? We are grieving today, not for Andi and Chris, who weren't well suited but for ourselves who won't see Chris anymore, except on The Men Tell All. He won't be the next Bachelor. No way. It's corn season.

At the rose ceremony, Andi gave Josh and Nick the roses and explained that Chris was gone as her bright red mumu screamed for a belt and they toasted to themselves. Now there is only Nick and Josh left. Who will she end up with? Social media knows because of Reality Steve and also because Andi has been spotted with the lucky man lately, something she's not supposed to do but for those of you who want to wait two weeks to find out, my lips are sealed. And this blog.
Next week, The Men Tell All.

Kim Hornsby is the author of The Husband Hunt, an Amazon book series based on THE BACHELOR, as well as blogging about the reality show. When she isn't writing, Kim is performing open heart surgery, birthing triplets and keeping a tidy house.

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