Monday, June 24, 2013

Bachelorette Struggles for Honesty!

Des Hartsock is surrounded by dishonesty and what my husband and I call the GAY factor. That is not to say we are calling anyone on this year's Bachelorette show gay, but do you see the scarves they wear around their hoodies, the way some of them speak, and how difficult it is for several of them to kiss Des passsionately? I do and it makes me wonder about motives. My teenage son walked into the room when one of the men who wore an eternity/affinity scarf around his hoody hood talked about his feelings for Des. He said "What a great coverup for his sexuality."
Sorry everyone if I think several of them are on the gayish side. I may be wrong but does anyone else see this besides me and my family?
This week the group flew to Munich, Germany and the first date was a one on one with Chris, the mortgage broker from Seattle. I predict he 'll go far with her. She likes him and he seems to like her too. Writing poetry on the plane was a good move and Des likes that sort of thing. They had a wonderful date until Bryden interrupted them to tell Des he was flying home because he just didn't feel for her the way he should. Rumor has it that Bryden reunited with his former girlfriend in Montana and all is well on his front. Des was okay with him leaving but questioned the rest of the guys' motives. Regardless, she ended up having a fun time after the party pooper left. Nicely done Chris, in spite of terrible timing on Bryden's part.
The group date included the men in the picture above, and they ended up on top of a mountain in the German Alps sledding and making snow angels. After frolicking in the snow, the group went into an ice hotel carved into the side of the mountain (which was charming) and had some snacks and talks. Zack and Mikey got alone time, as well as James but the rose recipient was Brookes who tried to interrupt Des and James but when he saw them smooching in amongst the furs, he had to turn away and tell the cameras just what he felt. It was slight jealousy.
Apparently, on the way home, Kasey and Drew woke from a slumber to hear James confess to Mikey that he was hoping to be the next Bachelor or at least to get some hot tall babes on a boat off Chicago when he went home, and that set the anger wheels in motion for the guys who truly like Des. After a meeting about James' ulterior motives they decided to tell Des he's scum. Drew was smoking angry.
Meanwhile Des went on the world's worst two on one date in a hot tug on the lake with Michael, the attorney and Ben the self promoting father. The best thing about that whole day was the lime green hot tub boat, called a hot tug that they took out on the lake with mugs of steaming liquid. But the drinks weren't the only things steaming. Michael, in true lawyer mode, took on Ben in a cross examination of his intentions and his religion and how committed he is as a father. When it came to the rose, it was Ben who remained flowerless although I'm pretty sure Michael is not long for it. He seems most interested in exposing the bad guy, not getting to kiss Des. (See my first paragraph).
When it came to the rose ceremony Drew was determined to out James as the snake he is but when Des called off the cocktail party, the plan was shut down. She knew who was going home, and I did too. Wearing a checked shirt is bad enough but with a busy plaid suit--that is just terrible. James, who also had a gingham shirt on, was spared for now and Mikey ended up going home. Maybe it was his crack about having 5 children and living in the bosom of his Italian family back in Chicago that led Des to think she did not see a future with Mikey.
Next week looks like it's finally getting good. For one thing, we know Zach is the best kisser and he gets a one on one. The men tell on James and everyone seems to cry over that and the drama factor is upped to the nth degree. This is why we love The Bachelorette and wait all year for another round of the show. The drama, the tears, the scarves around their hoodies.

Kim Hornsby is the author of The Husband Hunt series on Amazon Books, modeled after The Bachelor.


  1. I see what you're saying about your "gaydar" but living in Toronto, that's the style for straight guys now. It seemed weird at first to me, as Toronto has the 2nd highest gay population per capita in North America. But I've gotten used to it now and like it, if it's done right. However, Chris's Rose Ceremony attempt at rockin' this look backfired. Nice try honey, but you're too "normal" (and I say that as a huge compliment) to pull it off.
    I also knew (or should I say hoped) Mikey was going home. He's just too 'hood' for Des.
    I also think Zak should go home. He gives me the creeps ... good kisser or not. Forget what James said in the limo, the whole "I cheated on my ltgf" in Jersey was a red flag for sure. He lost me on that one.
    As far as sending Ben home, she should have opted to send Michael home too. He's a grade A high energy, shit-disturber and has admitted he likes confrontation. Not good husband material. Ben was good to keep quiet (why was he suddenly talking about being a good Christian man? Is that a play for HIM being the next Bachelor?), but Michael just kept coming at him. That being said, it's time to do away with the 2 on 1 dates. They're just ridiculously awkward and nothing good can come of them.
    My favourite is Chris. He's so real, sincere and "normal". And I don't just say that because I'd date him in a heartbeat, he looks like the guy who stays out of the house drama, but he's calm, sweet, not too over-the-top with his "plan" and would make a great husband and father off-camera.
    Please, please, please Des ... do this right, see that Chris has everything you want and be the third Bachelorette to actually go thru with it and marry the lucky guy.
    And Bryden leaving? He shouldn't have boarded the plane for Munich in the first place and Des should have told him to beat it. The guy couldn't even pull the trigger and kiss her in the hot tub. He's not ready for this.
    My recap on the other guys:
    - Juan Pablo -- cute and sweet, but too off the beaten path as far as Des's upbringing goes
    - Kasey -- too little boyish, not yet a man thing
    - James -- buh bye
    - Drew -- we'll see next week
    - Chris -- BINGO!
    - Zak -- yikes! those eyes!
    - Michael -- too high drama and always seems to be lookin' for a fight, he's exhausting!

    Can't wait for next week's drama and James getting his ass handed to him. Don't lose hope Des, there are a few real good ones left!

    1. Okay, we'll think about the metrosexual thing. I'm hoping I'm just too old school.
      Well said Suzie Q! going to your blog now to see what you thought about World War Z!!!