Monday, June 3, 2013

The Bachelorette Goes For the Sensitive Men

Monday night's Bachelorette episode started out normal enough. The men gathered on the couch the morning after the first rose ceremony and Brooks was given the first date. So far, so good. At times he reminded me of a cross between Russel Brand and Orlando Bloom, which is not necessarily a good thing, but Brooks smiled his way through choosing bridal outfits and cake, ingratiating himself to Des and her love of the sensitive man. And the goofy, fun guy. They picnicked at the Hollywood Sign, on the letter 'L' and Russell, I mean Brooks, gave her his jacket when she was cold. He admitted that his parents were divorced, his relationship with his dad is a work in progress, teared up, and Des looked hooked. He's gonna get the rose. Oh wait, he already did. Crying is not a no no on the first date anymore, apparently.
Then there was a flash mob/group date that had Des enjoying 14 men. They had to rap with Solja Boi and learn to dance and try to impress Des with their dance moves. It wasn't easy to stand out among such a huge group but several men did a pretty good job. The people who cut the show and decide who gets air time only let us see certain men this early and this week they focused on Ben. The guys are ganging up early on Ben, who has the little dude son, and talk was trashy among the guys about how Ben doesn't give a flying fig about making friends. But Ben did not look like a good kisser and I'm wondering how he got the rose again. Maybe that little dude is still lingering in Des's mind. The men pulled out all the heartbreaking stories last night. One Bach talked of his absentee dad and druggie mom and he reminded me of the 'guard and protect your heart' guy. But nicer. His 'in' was the raising my siblings card. Sad.
The next one-on-one date was Bryden, an Iraq vet who badly needs a new hairdo but has a lovely personality. Des seemed to really like him. Us too but I was so busy designing his hair and wondering if he'd be handsome with his too short bangs fluffed up, I couldn't concentrate on their conversation. His hair looked like Jim Carey's in Dumb and Dumber. The tweets kind of said the same thing. When they entered the hot tub and Bryden could not seem to go in for the kiss, it was awkward until Des said "just kiss me!" And that made me wonder if that man would be a great husband for her. Where are the men who don't let her drive every time they get in the car? The men who say, "I'm sorry but I really want to kiss you. Get ready."?
Again Ben. The rose ceremony revealed Ben as a selfish  un-liked Bach in the house. He swooped in on the lawyer from Florida who was revealing the nature of his type one diabetes just as Ben invaded. There must be some Bachelor rule about not turning anyone away if they come to steal you, because at that point I would've said "I'll be with you in 10 minutes, Ben." Turns out he owns a bar and is talking to the men about how an entrepreneur can do very well with national exposure on the Booo. Then again, we only see what the director and producers want us to see.
The rose ceremony revealed the men with morals, bonding skills, and who is a snappy dresser. One guy wore a plaid jacket with a checked shirt and although you can't send someone home for that, he may be short lived on the show if he keeps mixing his patterns.
The tweets at the bottom of the screen are distracting, but I saw a person I know on there at the beginning, (Jennifer Weiner) and I saw Ali Feditowsky, and that's kind of fun. (I'm so shallow!)
Des eliminated 3 guys who were disappointed, one saying it was heartbreaking, but it's still early. Let's face it. They are all going home,eventually, except one. It's just a matter of when.
Next week it looks like the Old Girlfriend comes to the mansion and confronts her 'boyfriend' and that's what will keep us coming back for more. That and the feud with Ben. And Des's dress. And the amazing set decorators who make those dates look so dreamy and romantic.
It's all good, isn't it?
See you next week on The Bachelorette

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