Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kim and Kanye Name The Baby!

It's almost official. The baby's birth certificate has the name North on it and we can stop holding our breaths wondering what Kimye will name their love child. I say' almost official' because they have not announced the name, only TMZ, the snoopy news sleuths of celebrity gossip got wind of the name. Oh wait, now it's official. Okay, moving on.
Just because the baby has the name of a compass point that indicates our top left corner, or half of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller (North by Northwest) we must smile, accept their name choice and move on. Take it from me. Naming a baby is a grueling task and brains get muddled in the process. When you are doing this with another person and having to compromise, I'd say the name North is a perfectly good name for a child compared to some celebrities' choices. Considering that celebrities are attention getters by nature and probably will name their children with that spotlight in mind, at least Kimye did not go for Moon Unit (Zappa) or Chastity (Bono). There have been some real humdingers over the years from Hollywood, and knowing how Kim Kardashian has built her 'career' on nosing her way into the spotlight with no real talent to speak of, I expected something less normal, like Dolce and Gabanna or even a made up name like Brielette or Shalingtonford. But no, the happy couple named their daughter North. I have to wonder if Kanye had a say in this. Shunning the traditional Kardashian K names, he must've put his foot down on that one. I would've loved to be a fly on the wall when they talked about names. I can't imagine that Kanye West is an easy person to partner with seeing he's a bit of an ass. Did I say that out loud? Oh sorry.
Why do we care about their baby name? I for one am kind of ashamed that I even care. We clicked on this or any other site to see what the name is because we are curious. And we are curious because Kim has made it her business to be judged constantly with her face on the cover of every tabloid, her pregnant body in every news feed, her reality show being talked about on news stations like it's more important than the war in Afghanistan. She has elbowed her way to the top of the media heap just by being Kim Kardashian. She LOVES publicity! So now, we are used to hearing what she had for breakfast and naturally want to know what they called the baby because we've been fed her every move for years. Kanye, I'm told, isn't as interested in revealing his breakfast menu for all to see and rightfully so. He's made some terrible mistakes in his life and had bad press that was probably deserved ten fold. But until he learns to keep his mouth shut, he will continue to battle the public and press. The arrival of a baby should help clear his name if he takes a hands on approach and gets photos of him with the baby. I'm not saying having this child is another publicity ploy because I think it is every person's right to parent but I'm sure Kim will handle this accordingly, if you know what I mean. Her life is an open book. Selling the first photos to the highest bidder will be next, even though reports tell us that Kanye is firm about not releasing pics of the baby for money. We'll see who wins that one.

And so North West will be the baby's name and we must smile, nod and congratulate them. Having a baby is a blessed event and whether we know these people or not, and most of us do not, let's make a pact to move on, shall we?
Congratulations Kimye and North.

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