Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bachelorette Has Created A Monster

Last night's episode of ABC's The Bachelorette revealed that they may have created a monster this season. ...the sensitive man. Not that men can't have a sensitive side but something is going on at The Bachelorette and the men are all crying and confessing their heads off.
Atlantic City was the first stop on the round the world tour with Des. The first date was a one on one date with Brad that included crazy-ass rides and loads of cheering and throwing arms in the air. But when faced with dinner conversation, they had nothing to talk about. I have a theory why but it involves telling you that I think Brad might be looking for a mother to his son and not be genuinely interested in Des. Times that by ten and you have my theory. Brad had to go home but I ask you why she dumped him at the top of that lighthouse on the Atlantic City strip, after they'd climbed 458 stairs to the top and caught their breaths? The editing made it look like because he didn't try to kiss her when they saw a spectacular view, she dumped him. Again, I think producers call the shots and once she refused him the rose, they sent him all the way back down to the ground. Alone.
Next was the group date that was just plain hard to watch and WRONG! Having the men compete in a Mr. America mock-up contest, had me cringing in my comfy chair. First they had to choose their talent from a table of props that were meant for women (high heeled shoes), then they got their swim suits by some sort of lottery. Several drew the speedos and then, to make it all worse, they had to compete on the Miss America Stage in front of a live studio audience full of women. Ugh! Luckily Juan Pablo got a speedo and he is a great sport but I kind of feel that he's getting a very bad impression of what America is all about and what we stand for. Ben got a speedo too but I didn't really care about his feelings because he's the villain this season if you can call a man who isn't making friends with the guys a 'villain'. The swim suit competition was just wrong and demeaning and cheap. I'm surprised Chris Harrison didn't just put his foot down on this one. Yea right.
The hash tag guy Kasey won the title, probably because he wore red jeans and jacket that was too small for him and Des felt sorry for him. His tap dancing was awesome I have to say, and not because it was accurate.  He obviously can't tap but he tried so hard and made us laugh. Even the guys loved him. I must note that the one man who spoke out about being thought of as just 'a piece of meat' proceeded to dance provocatively for his talent, thereby securing the fact that he is highly comfortable being thought of as a piece of meat. At the after party, Jack W. got the rose for singing a song that he wrote and it happened to sound like it was just for Des. The men continued to bitch and moan about Ben which is getting kind of old now and Ben's nastiness seems silly, not villainous. Yawn. Oh and Juan Pablo has a daughter. What?!
The next one on one was with James, a thick-necked thuggish looking sensitive man with a smile to light up all the hurricane Sandy ravaged coastline. Okay, what's up with the producers? This is not a date. This is a RED CROSS plug, which is okay but to pass it off as a date was just plain weird. Des and James toured the coast in a helicopter, almost crying to see a roller coaster in the water then met a couple who'd had their family home obliterated in the flood. Yes, it was touching when they gave Jan and her man their fancy date but ??? I, for one, thought the big plug for donations to the Red Cross was misplaced. Luckily Des and James were wonderfully cooperative and had just as much fun on their date at a spaghetti joint. It was sweet to see the old couple dancing to Darius Rucker who I'm sure they'd never heard of, but it all seemed so misplaced. James was sensitive and sweet and teary-eyed and what more could he do? It wasn't a date to get to know Des. Not really. It was a platform for the Red Cross effort on the east coast.
At the cocktail party Des wore a sequined mini and kept adjusting that sucker to keep from revealing her chest. She favored the guy from Seattle who writes poetry (of course he does), Brookes (whose hair continues to remind us of Russel Brand) and several other sensitive men who'd confessed their insecurities over the course of the week. Bryden the Iraq vet isn't sure he fits in with this group and I'd have to agree. But, he accepted his rose and the man sent home was someone who hadn't even had any air time. I think he was the Zack who didn't have a song about Des or a child waiting for him at home or a sad story about how he got on the show. And speaking of the monster, either Des told the powers that be, that she likes sensitive men and wouldn't be opposed to a single dad, or the casting call for this season said "must be willing to show a sensitive side" because we are getting it from all angles. Sure there's lots of muscles and 6 packs but the men speak like they've been coached to reveal their under belly and I'm finding it just a little weird. I wonder if Des thinks the same thing.
What do you think? Do you have a genuine favorite? Me neither.

Amazon Best Selling Author, Kim Hornsby is the author of The Husband Hunt, a novella series on Amazon modeled after The Bachelor. 


  1. I'm a fan of the show, and you're right - no one stands out this season. They've had a few other dud years. ABC better step it up or they'll lose their audience.

    Love the concept for your series. My book, Maybe This Time, opens on a reality dating show in Hawaii called Get Lei'd. I'm glad I'm not the only author out there who ran with this theme!

  2. Oh how fun Jannine! Love the title of the show. Is it published?