Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Bachelor - Arie

Ari wasn't my favorite. I didn't even learn to correctly spell his name.
He said "Yeah" a lot.
He said "I love you," a lot.
When you accept the post to be The Bachelor, you must also accept the public's scrutiny of you. I just read he's worried about the finale tonight. I predict he picks no one. Did anyone notice Chris H did not ask him if he was in love last night? Well, he didn't. The first ever in Bachelor history.

Here's what Ari did right, in my opinion:

Nice hair, not dyed so the grey doesn't show
Gave Crystal her just desserts on Women Tell All by cutting her off
Didn't eat steroids or work at his buffed body (which it was not)
Looked great in a suit
Did not focus on the women's bikini bodies

Here's where Ari can improve for his next turn at The Bachelor because you know he's coming back:

Learn how to eliminate the words "Like" "Yeah" and "I Love That," from his verbiage
Don't wear black ankle socks after a Fantasy suite date
Take a course in how to express yourself eloquently -- ask pro football players how they do it
Don't tell everyone you love them, it makes them think they are the winner of the contest
If an ex flies to Peru to take away your girlfriend, don't invite him in

Can't wait to see what happens in the FINALE tonight.

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