Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Romance Reading for Valentine's Day!

Anyone out there need a love story to read today?

Today I'm thinking about love and remembering when love was new, exciting, tingly and fun.
Twenty-six years ago. Probably less because that excitement that comes with a new relationship carried on for years with my husband. Decades later, we have another form of love, an evolved form that comes from years of living alongside each other, raising children together, coming through cancer, and other life-altering events.
I love that my valentine/husband knows me better than anyone after twenty-six years of marriage and still thinks I'm the sexiest woman in any room. I love that I go to him first when I'm sad, mad, happy, confused and he gives me what I need. I love that we count on each other, still laugh with each other, know each other's strengths and weaknesses without having to point them out.
Although new love is exciting, we've worked on a marriage for decades, have taken great care to preserve it, honor it and keep our union sacred, and I wouldn't trade this for anything.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

If you want to read a book series about new love that has bumps and challenges, and spans twelve years, I invite you delve into The Dream Jumper Series. 99 cents for the first book.

If you want a quick read about a rock star who retires in hopes of finding normalcy and discovers a good man to love her for who she is, you'll love Necessary Detour.

Or, I have some quick contemporary love stories that will be unpublished soon as I fine-tune my brand as a Suspense author. First one is free...

The Husband Hunt
Christmas in Whistler

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