Monday, February 5, 2018

Snorkeling and Bar Hopping on Maui

Day 7 on Maui
We are talking about extending our stay another 3-12 days. Bill knows a doctor who might write a note to say we are not fit to travel.
As if.

Today, I got everyone up and out before 9 with snorkel gear in hand. The water looked better and we were eager to have a wonderful snorkeling experience in this week of Kona storms. Parking karma was working and we got a great spot near the walkway to Kapalua Bay. It was cloudy with sunny patches and with snorkel gear in hand we walked to the far end of the bay where the surf wasn't so bad and inched our way in.
This photo was taken when there were no rollers, I guess, because I swear there was large surf.

Cresty did great again considering her fear of the waves and her lungs seizing up with the cold water. We got far enough out that the water cleared and fish could be seen. We went way out on the point and saw a huge sea turtle, then came back in through the surf. Our surf exits are getting better every day!

After showers, we headed out to Fleetwoods rooftop. You know Fleetwood Mac? The drummer, Mick Fleetwood has a restaurant on Front Street on Maui. Our friend Eric Gilliom was playing there from 2-4 and I hadn't heard him play in years. Staring out at the ocean off Lahaina, listening to Eric sing Hana Po, drinking a lavender lemonade was just stunningly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. These two gentlemen posing with me in the photo below were talented performers I used to work with back in the day when I sang, danced and did musical theater. Twenty-five years later, we are still in the mutual admiration society.
Bill Hensley, Kimberley Horn, Eric Gilliom
Eric's 2-hour set was over all too soon and off we went to Bar #2 - Fridas for fish tacos. The Superbowl was on and we sat at the bar and stayed for a drink and a taco and Justin Timberlake's half time show. We couldn't hear the music but the show looked great.
Back at Lynn's, I worked for two hours, writing, Bill napped, Lynn went to work, Cresty did stuff and then we went to walk JoJo at the Hawaiian burial ground at the Ritz Hotel and down the golf course where Jamey goes in Promise to get his thoughts together. Everywhere I go here, I tell Cresty "this is the place in the book where Tina and Jamey..." Because she's read the first book 3x, she finds it interesting and is now reading Girl of his Dream to reference the Hyatt Hotel from yesterday. She's finding my tour of The Dream Jumper locations interesting.

We headed to Kaanapali Beach Hotel at 7 for a drink, a pu pu, and to see Lynn. For a trio of people over 50, this was what we call bar hopping because it was our third bar of the day! It's hard to smuggle a dog into a bar, even an open air bar where our cocktail waitress is the dog's owner. But I did and JoJo sat nicely under the table while we listened to Gilbert's band play. Bill was called up to sing and hit the high notes like the consummate showman he is.
JoJo snuggled with us in the car on the way home, probably because we had a to-go tub of meat scraps from the bar for him. But, as soon as we entered the house, he ran from us again, not letting us close.

If you read yesterday's blog, there is a guy who bikes around Lahaina balancing a cross and here is a photo of the man at the shopping center! I wonder what his story is.
Everyone has a story.
And that's why I write.

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