Saturday, February 3, 2018

Maui Writers, Snorkeling and the Hyatt Pool

I woke on Maui feeling slightly better and my cough didn't seem such a big deal. Yay!

The sky was cloudy, the doves were calling, and I got coffee brewing in Lynn's open air kitchen. Cresty went to play tennis, Lynn was leaving to take JoJo for a morning walk and I worked on my laptop until it was time to drive to Kaanapali to Maui Writers Ink and the West Maui Book Club where a lovely woman and fellow author of Suspense, Elaine Gallant,  had set up a meeting at her housing development's pool, complete with cupcakes and cakepops, something that impressed me to no end.

I erected my big honkin' banner, met some writers and after a brief intro by Elaine, I began my talk. The group had lots of questions along the way, keeping me on track to talk about what they were interested in--how an author balances all the PR necessary to get your book in front of eyes, and getting optioned for film. Many of the group were writers, the rest were readers. I got a lot out of talking to them afterwards.
I was extremely relieved that my cough held off and I didn't need cough drops (which I did not bring, anyhow because I'm a disorganized mess most of the time.)
Back at Lynn's, lunch was being served on the deck. Lasagna and salad was consumed and Cresty and I decided to find a snorkeling spot, regardless of the high surf advisory everywhere. Black Rock was my choice and we actually got in through the surf in the corner of the rock, swam out to the point of land and saw some fish. (As I type this, I'm looking out on a flat calm ocean and thinking tomorrow morning at 9 a..m. is our prime snorkel day and time and if all goes well, Monday, we'll dive again, early.) On the way in to shore, we saw a small sea turtle, which was a highlight. Enjoy this picture of me going snorkeling but if it was yesterday, add four foot waves, and murky water. Man, Cresty is such a trooper for a newbie!
I took Cresty over to the Hyatt to see the flamingos, and penguins and then we found two lounge chairs by the pool where we ordered drinks and our second lunch of the day, accompanied by our first cocktail of the day. We swam through the waterfalls in the clear blue pool water and when we started to notice reddish shoulders, we left, bought a pineapple at a corner store and came home to chillax until sunset.
After putting on a little makeup and clean clothes, we continued on to KBH (Kaanapali Beach Hotel) to the Keiki Hula show, a wonderful highlight on Kaanapali Beach's Friday night. The costumes were fantastic, the dancers were equally wonderful and the place was packed.
Back at Lynn's we got ready for bed and another big day tomorrow with singer extraordinaire, Bill Hensley coming to join the party at Lynn's.
Poor JoJo.

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