Friday, February 2, 2018

Screenwriting and a Hula Show

Yesterday on Maui, I had a plan.
Stay at the house all day and get rid of a little cough that had crept up on me to make me worried I was battling a cold.
While others in the house came and went, I drank EmergenC and stayed at my laptop most of the day.

I began my Screenwriters' University Course on how to write a treatment, which is like a synopsis for film and tv purposes. My first week lesson was extremely interesting and when I finished the lecture, I worked on the assignment -- write a log line for your script. That one sentence promotional line is super important but I felt good about what I finely tuned to be the log line for The Dream Jumper's Promise.

Set on Maui, a psychic Special Forces soldier feels responsible for an ex-girlfriend’s missing husband and must search for clues from inside her terrifying dreams.

I'm hoping the instructor of this course either has some ideas to make it better or thinks it works.

Cresty, my travel buddy went to a beach and when a big wave came in, it brought this turtle! She was in heaven. I love traveling with positive, happy people!

We continue to try to make friends with skittish JoJo, to no avail. He will let me give him a treat if Lynn is present but won't let us touch him unless we're in the car. Even leashing him for a walk is impossible as he runs away from us. Poor little guy.

At sunset, we dropped off a poster for my book signing at B&N on Saturday, then went to Kaanapali Beach Hotel to meet my devoted reader Ray and his lovely wife Diane. Good times! The hula show at KBH is wonderful and free, every night. Just drink. Over Mai Tai's I tried to convince Ray to review my books, telling him how important it is to Indie Authors.

This morning, I'm speaking at Maui Writers Ink, a group of authors here on the West Side of Maui, and will be talking about my writing process, publishing and getting optioned for film. I'm looking forward to meeting some writers here and talking about books!

More tomorrow...

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