Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Bachelor Gets Duped by Producers- Again!

They are very clever over there at The Bachelor. By now, the producers know what sells and drama is #1 on their wish list. This season, Sean's quest to find that forever woman, Tierra is providing the drama and making the producers giddy with excitement. She is providing enough fodder for two shows- the Bachelor and Evil Dating Woman ( a new reality show I just thought up). Why, in god's name, would anyone in their right mind brag to the camera about how clever they are about dating and winning competitions if they've watched past Bachelor shows and have seen what a social death wish it is for the evil contestant? Look at Michelle Money who later came back on the Bachelor Pad and spent the whole summer trying to prove she was a nice person. Look at Courtney who broke up with Ben and went on to date Ari. You think she's not living down an evil reputation in her every day life. Oh yes she is. Just ask Brad Womack who was supposedly in intensive therapy for years after he did chose a woman in the final episode and later broke up with sweet Emily (who might not be all that sweet if she can't hold onto Jef).
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Being the evil dater women is not good in Bachelorville. Someone tell Tierra. Unless she's going for that roller derby job, and I seriously think so seeing she snubbed funny Lindsay last night on the derby remark, T is doomed for dislike. Did anyone see how the editors cut the skating piece last night to look like T was pushing gals all over the rink and even caused an injury? And now, what we are most looking forward to when they go to Banff or wherever all that ice and snow was, it looks like T runs out onto the ice, gets really cold and it makes her mascara run down her face in emergency proportions. See, I can't say anything nice about her at this point because of her camera bragging?
On the other hand, shame on Sean for choosing roller derby action just because he wanted to see some catty girl fight action. Shame. And shame on him for picking Sara, the lovely woman with only one arm, to go on that date. And shame on the producers for talking him into that. There is a lot of shame going around that Bachelor set this morning.
Front runners for me: I like Ashley for Sean. She's sweet, maybe too sweet for him after that roller derby activity and giving Leslie M diamonds, treating her like a princess and promptly dumping her before they even heard James Taylor's son sing one measly song.
And even though I am not sold on Sean as a sexy bachelor, I will be watching next week to see Tierra's makeup run to her chin in the snow. And isn't that what those shameful producers want?
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