Friday, January 4, 2013

Necessary Detour is LIVE on Kindle!!!!

So excited. So busy. Can't believe it. Writing short form.
Last night I got an email from The Wild Rose Press marketing director Lisa Dawn and found out that my second book Necessary Detour is Live on Amazon and has been for a week. I felt like I gave birth 7 days ago and hadn't seen the baby. Rest assured I ran to the nursery, saw the baby, held the baby and told it I loved it. Phew.
So now I have two novels on Amazon where two months ago I had none. I"m a bit overwhelmed and can't even stop long enough to correct my apostrophes. Or check the spelling of apostrophe!
I seriously doubt anyone reads my blog but someday, someone might and if they delve into former posts, I want to have chronicled the excitement of publishing my first books.
I like both novels. Alot. But then I think writers should like their own work. Are there things I would change in Necessary Detour? Sure. But it's out of my hands now, published by someone else and all I can do is wish it well in the journey to the best seller list.
I'm still making corrections on The Dream Jumper's Promise, including a re-do on the cover and having control of that feels good. Wish I didn't have this darned full-time jobbie job. And that I didn't need to sleep. I want to email every person in the world and ask them individually to buy my books. Oh well.
Happy Reading!

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