Monday, January 16, 2017

Snorkeling & Sign Making!

Day 4 on Magical Maui!

Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head
Not really but this desk is very close to a poster of The Beatles at my friend Lynn's house and I'm constantly singing a running track of Beatles hits in my head these days. Lynn is a HUGE Beatles fan.
I woke at 6 in the dark, which is perfect for me here. I don't want to miss a minute! After writing yesterday's blog and drinking loads of Kona coffee, Eliza and I found ourselves walking along Kaanapali Beach with snorkel gear.
Black Rock did not disappoint. There was no surge, no current, no surf and loads of fishies. Unlike every other time I've been to Black Rock in the last 20 years, there also were no turtles seen but we snorkeled our butts off looking for a shark.
Walking back to the car to go meet Lynn for lunch we found a dragon in the sand, it's artist/creator now gone. Some people are so clever!

Lunch at the Gazebo restaurant proved to be filling and full of whale watching from our too low for the height of the table chairs (making me feel like a toddler without a booster seat)
Our little energy-efficient "Green" car took us south after that, down the Maui coastline to the Pali Lookout where we stopped to Whale Watch. There are loads of those suckers out there and we knew it from the running cocktail party-type whale chatter you can hear while snorkeling.
I was invited to a small gathering at Bestselling Author, Toby Neal's house in Pukalani, it being her birthday, so Eliza dropped me off at Toby's house and she went on to the beach and shops of Paia.
Toby and her sister Bonnie greeted me at the door with big smiles and open arms and when everyone arrived we set to making fun protest signs for the Women's March on Maui next week.
The theme was Aloha/Love/Women's Rights and amongst lots of laughter and conversation we colored our way to a rousing political discussion. It was a burn your bra kind of hour with women sharing stories and concerns that was worthy of the 60's, as Toby said. Love me some Girlfriend Time.
When Eliza arrived to pick me up, one of the gals had a flat tire and another one, Jan, was changing the thing, flat out on the pavement in a white top with a car jack. Women's Empowerment!
Eliza and I chased the sunset back to Lahaina side where we stopped at Kaanapali Beach Hotel for a little hula show/Hawaiian music, a Blue Hawaii drink (me) and a banana chocolate ice cream looking slice of heaven (her).
No bouncing kids and drunk parents on the street to raise the noise level to an unsleepable decibel so we went to bed with our Kindles and fell off to sleep on a huge bed with 400 thread count sheets, down-filled pillows and an egg carton topper. Heaven...

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