Saturday, January 7, 2017

Maui Bound!

I'm speaking at Barnes & Noble Lahaina, Maui next week. Yes, you heard that correctly.
I got a gig on Maui!

I feel squee-ful about this because 1. I love Maui 2. I was going anyhow 3. I love to hear myself talk 4. I can write off the trip 5. I might sell some books 6. I get to talk about writing THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE 7. It's Barnes & Noble baby! 8. I'll brag shamelessly and photoshop in a huge crowd attending 9. I love Maui

There are more reasons to be excited but let me describe my feelings about flying on Thursday to Maui through this photo essay...

Me in the orange on a dive under Maala Wharf

We always go pool-hopping in Kaanapali

The road to the Iao Valley

Near the house, where I swim daily and snorkel

Not me

I will be speaking at Barnes and Noble at 2 pm in the shopping center across from Lahaina's Safeway. Part of my talk will touch on how to get started writing a novel. Who doesn't have a novel in their head just waiting for instructions on how to get out?

Come visit, introduce yourself and get free Hawaiian recipe cards!

No need to buy the book.

Kim Hornsby
The Dream Jumper's Promise
Recipient of Chanticleer Review's Best Paranormal Mystery/Thriller

Kim Hornsby is the Author of Award-Winning The Dream Jumper's Promise available on Amazon Books. She is a Bestselling Supernatural Suspense Author who lives in the Seattle area where she writes during the rainy months.


  1. I went to Hawaii once, and the one thing I remember is all the flowers. I didn't know much about flowers back then, but they seemed to be everywhere and they were so beautiful. Smelled good too. Have fun enough for both of us.

  2. Thanks Anna! Yes the flowers here are GORGEOUS! and smell so fragrant.