Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day 3 on Maui, Baby!

Woke up worrying that no one would come to my book signing event in Lahaina, Maui. Trying to push that horrid thought to the back of my mostly empty mind, I drank two cups of coffee and made a distraction plan for the morning.
We'd talked of doing a dive early then returning the rental gear but opted for a quick snorkel at Airport Beach, (now called something entirely different.)

Snorkeled off beach above Black Rock
Apres snorkel in the parking lot

The day was shaping up to be glorious at 9 AM and that fact was only accentuated by the fact that we got a parking spot near the beach and slipped in to the water effortlessly. The swell (big, long rolling expanses of water) had stirred up the visibility close to shore so we snorkeled out to where we could see the coral but that made it so far away that for this scuba diver who likes to glide only two feet off the reef, it was frustrating. Although Airport Beach is a great place to do beginner dives, I'd forgotten how far away the coral reef is from the surface. We saw a large school of enormous yellow tangs, something I don't remember ever having seen before. I did not know they were a fish that hung out in schools! The coral didn't look as bad as two years earlier. So much depends on whether last summer's water temp was really warm.

Having a big laugh with Ray!
Back at Lynn's we hung out with our hostess, talked, then put on the Seahawks game only to be taunted into thinking we were going for the championship and then being cut off at the knees.
I busied myself making chocolate covered strawberries for the book signing.

Driving in to Barnes & Noble, I tried to remember Nancy's last name to tell Eliza that Bessie and Nancy would be there, only to notice the van in front said LYNCH. How's that for the universe delivering an immediate answer? -Nancy Lynch had arrived all the way from Kihei.

The book signing was great fun. I grabbed most of the store's chairs, made an audience area and when everyone was seated, started talking. People said it was entertaining so I guess I'll have to take their words for it. I sold most of the store's copies of my book, signed them, passed out strawberries and had a fabulous time. Is it any wonder when I get in a social situation and can't get a word in edgewise, I feel unloved and unfulfilled. I must have a great need to be noticed as the baby in the family. Psychology 101. Note to self: I inherited the Morgan arms. Oh well. I frickin had a B&N book signing!
Me and David, author of Kapuu

David Schoonover, who is one of my fellow Lei Crime KW authors, drove all the way from Kihei to say hello and lend support and many other people arrived simply because they thought it might be an interesting talk. I hope they felt it was.

Me and Lynn goofing around

Eliza and Lynn

Sunset was approaching so we got out of our fancy clothes, gathered up the doggie, Spencer, who'd just been told he DOESN'T have cancer but has a heart condition, and took him for a celebratory walk north of the Kapalua Golf Course on the trails. He chugged along like the 13 year old trooper he is while Lynn, Eliza and I talked politics. This topic has become our obsession, like most of the nation.

Dinner at the Napili Kai Beach Club - The sea House Restaurant was absolutely magical! The sunset involved streaks of peachy pink and lavender across the mostly clear sky and the food was to die for.
The three of us shared snocchi in cream sauce, beet and goat cheese salad, mahi mahi in coconut/mac nut crust, onaga (red snapper) in basil pesto crust and mushroom risotta and spent 20 minutes humming to ourselves eating in ecstasy. New fav restaurant on Maui!

Back at Lynn's, the house across the street had 37 children over to play in the dark outside, and the party included a bounce house and scads of drunk parents, motorized play trucks and music. The fun didn't allow for us to go to sleep until 11 but that was okay because I'm reading Toby Neal's new book SCORCHED and couldn't put it down!
More later...

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