Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 5 on Maui!

Today we got out early and drove north to Honolua Bay to get a parking spot before we couldn't.

By 10 AM we were walking down the road with jungly growth on both sides, forded the clear water stream and came out to a spot where an older Hawaiian man was sweeping and raking. Jimmy's family apparently owns the land surrounding the bay (all beaches are legally obligated to have public access) and he welcomed everyone nicely, telling them it was his land. I talked story for 20 minutes with Jimmy then Eliza and I got in the water and headed to the north side of the bay away from the stream runoff. The coral looked healthy and prolific and turtles munched on stuff between coral heads. When hundreds of small silver fish rushed by us, I said to Eliza that something big was chasing them and we waited to see what it could be. I was slightly relieved to see it wasn't a shark but 3 large ulua that appeared to coral the fish to feed and terrorize.
Eliza saw an eel out of the coral and soon we were back at the car warming up in the hot sun. i showed her the site called Hobbit Land where Hank parked his truck the day he never returned from surfing, in The Dream Jumper's Promise. Stopping for Mexican food at Maui Tacos, we paid for 3 enormous takeout tubs and had lunch on Lynn's patio within the hour.
The afternoon plan involved me driving upcountry to Kula to see my friends Bob and Neida Bangerter. With Neida's work at Maui Arts and Cultural Center, this was the only day to see my old friends from the band I used to sing with doing Maui convention shows.
Great visit, wonderful scones baked by the amazing Neida, along with fresh lemon curd and tea, and catching up on family stories was like having a good hug on a bad day. Not that it was a bad day at all, but old friends are amazingly special to hang onto.
Two hours later I was back in the car, joining the line of vehicles heading to Lahaina at sunset time. When I finally reached Lynn's house, in Kahana, I was tired and feeling like a night with feet up on the coffee table was a great idea. And that is what Eliza, Spencer and I did while Lynn went to work to sling Mai Tais at KBH.
The inauguration of Donald Trump is all anyone can talk about these days. Us too. Even the dog had to leave the room at one point.

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