Monday, March 17, 2014

Chris Harrison Throws Juan Pablo under the Bus

It’s taken me a week to figure out what I want to say about The Bachelor Finale with Juan Pablo last week and now I can sum it up with one title. The Bachelor TV show threw their bachelor under the bus.

I understand from what I’ve read that the producers ended up not liking Juan Pablo, speaking out against him, saying he was their least favorite Bachelor. They might have had good reason, but from what we saw on the finale, Chris Harrison mercilessly badgered Juan Pablo. It was squirm-worthy.
While watching from my home, we were simultaneously disgusted and bored by how Chris wouldn’t stop trying to get Juan Pablo to say that he actually loves Nikki Ferrell. But nope, J.P. would not say it on national TV, instead explaining that it’s a personal moment and not something he takes lightly or wants to share with BachelorNation. Nikki seemed perfectly fine with Juan’s decision.
So my question was this: Why not let it go? They looked happy. They were still together. Just because The Bachelor loves to have happy couples, needs to have happy couples to justify their show and keep viewers, the smartest move would’ve been to stop trying to take him down on national TV and focus on the fact that they are still together. By badgering, you looked stupid.
As Juan Pablo said, they lived this unreal fairytale of fantasy dates and traveling for four months and now they were going to start their real relationship. That was the gist of what he kept trying to tell Chris Harrison during the uncomfortable interview. Basically, we like each other a lot and are going to see if it carries over into the real world.

And good for him, for them. Just because Sean and Catherine Lowe have chosen to let cameras in their bedroom and sex life, doesn’t mean every couple wants that. And, as I recall Sean Lowe took his shirt off every time they asked him and cooperated with the Bachelor producers 100%, including letting his wedding be televised as a Bachelor special. Who knows what they offer these contestants. I read somewhere that Mike Fleiss (the show's creator) offered a nice sum of money for Juan to propose. Who knows if it's true.

But Juan Pablo wasn’t having it. You could see that this guy just wanted to be done with The Bachelor and everything it's done or hasn't done for him. What was the big announcement that Chris thought would be revealed that night? Apparently Juan Pablo was set to appear on Dancing with the Stars, and he and Nikki were planning to move to Los Angeles for those weeks that Juan Pablo was on the show. But they dropped him when bad publicity made J.P.'s stock plummet. The perverted remark didn't help (see earlier blogs for my explanation of the word perverted) and when Juan Pablo became one of the most controversial figures in the history of The Bachelor, I'm sure DWTS bowed out of its offer.
The weekend after the finale, March 15/16, the lovebirds attended a wedding in the Dominican Republic and were reported as looking very happy and in love. Have you seen the youtube movie he had made for her that says "I love you" in Spanish? It's cute.
Nikki posted this picture of them at a wedding on Instagram yesterday (Sunday March 16).
And the picture below was taken by the press in the DR:

Sure, the guy might have some problems with more than language but my beef is with the producers of the show and how they not only deserted Juan Pablo at the end but turned their non-successful ending into a witch hunt. Trying to make something marketable out of Juan Pablo's boring ending, they turned on him like a pack of hungry dogs. I admit it would be hard to continue a farce if you don’t like him and if he’s not cooperating, not following the contract’s stipulations but the final episode made Chris and his cronies look downright bully-ish--Chris asking Sean to add his two cents, Chris interrupting Juan Pablo and then walking off the set between commercials, all made it look like our beloved Bachelor host was taking it personally and that’s never good for an interviewer, or an executive producer. IF you read Chris Harrison's interviews from the morning after the show, he makes it sound very personal, especially when he says the couple on stage just kept digging themselves in deeper and deeper. In my opinion, Chris was the one with the shovel. 

I was extremely disappointed in the finale because of how they handled whatever was going down for them. Chris Harrison should've moved on, cut to commercial and put Des and Chris or Sean and Catherine in the hot seats to ask how things were going, or gone into the audience.
I was then equally disappointed that the new Bachelorette is Andi Dorfman. She may be a perfectly wonderful person but her cross-examination of Juan Pablo and name-calling wasn’t classy and left a bad taste in my mouth.
I'm not sure if I’ll tune in for Andi’s season. Anyone who teases someone because of his accent is not someone I want to support.
What about you? Will you watch this summer?

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