Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bachelor- Cat Fight in Miami!

The Bachelor headed to Florida last night and the girls found themselves in a penthouse hotel room in Miami, Juan Pablo's hometown. Back in the orange juice state, Juan Pablo's first stop was to see his daughter. It had been three weeks since he'd last seen his little girl and this Bach fan thought it fitting that the Daddy got some Camila hugs and kisses in before his Bachelor duties resumed.
First date last night was a one on one with Sharleen, the angsty opera singer who's not sure Juan Pablo is cerebral enough for her. OH PLEASE! (It might be true but don't say it!) Last night's editing of the show had us screaming for her to just pack her bags, especially after she accepted a date on a private yacht to a private island where it seemed all they did was change kissing positions. Sharleen's awkward social flirting makes her officially the worst pillow talker in the world and Juan Pablo's lack of clarity makes him dense enough to get some sort of award. eg) She was clearly rejecting him and he took it to mean she was being coy.
"I love your smile when you say that," he said, without hearing her words. When the yacht docked and the two kissing fools got back to the hotel, Sharleen went straight for Renee to talk it out and wonder if she should leave the show. Here, Renee, just let me rub your face in the fact that he really likes me and I don't return the favor because he's not smart enough. But he might be smart enough for you. This time Mama Renee advised that Sharleen just leave if she didn't feel the love. Agreed.
The next date saw Nurse Nikki at Camila's dance recital meeting J.P.'s parents and Camila's mom. Awkward (said in a singsongy voice). Nikki held up like a champ, clearly comfortable with people, awkward situations and ex-wives.
Atta go, Nikki. Then, he took her to work - Marlin Park - for a picnic on the baseball field and a game of catch.( Nice try J.P. when you threw that grounder and hoped that Nikki's 'barely there' top would fall open.)
Next Sharleen left the show. But not before she lay around on Juany's couch lamenting about how angsty she was and they whispered a lot about how sad it was. My husband looked at her sullen face and told J.P. "Man, if you married her, you'd be seeing a lot of that face!"
Group Date with Andi, Chelsea, Clare and Renee. Wow those group dates are getting less groupy every week. The fivesome took a float plane to another island where they walked the beach and grabbed one on one time with their collective boyfriend. Andi was weepy, he calmed her, Chelsea read him notes from her parents to show how awesome it will be on hometowns when he goes to meet them, Claire told him about the video her beloved father made before his death, only to be shown to her prospective husband. Renee wasn't featured, but I have to believe there was some J.P./Renee time on that remote setting otherwise it would have been just plain awkward. When the rose was given to Andi and she was assured a hometown date, Clare smiled but it was one of those smiles that means, when I get you alone I'm probably going to kill you. Andi got to stay on the island with Juan Pablo while the other girls flew back to the penthouse, Clare swearing and beeping all over the TV screen.
The happy twosome of J.P. and Andi hit a Latin music club where Romeo Santos was playing and we learned that Andi can't really dance. Or maybe she can, if she hadn't worn a severely tight red bandage dress. Back at the house, Clare was in a bitchy mood looking for trouble, and Nikki tried to avoid her by going upstairs to hide in her curtained off bedroom, but Clare pursued her, just itching for a fight. Nikki held her own, asking Clare to leave and was told because Nikki didn't pay for the room, she had no right to order Clare out of her 'bedroom'. I tried to push Clare threw the curtain and down the stairs but it didn't work because of TV and the stupid fact that I can't reach through, and the scene was actually taped three months ago.
Side note: Many of these girls now tweet back and forth. Clare is not in the mix. Sharleen is.
The last cocktail party had all the girls in various colored bandage dresses. Wait, Andi, the non-conformist, already wore hers on the dancing date so she had a full-skirted blue dress. The tension between Nikki and Clare was thick enough to need a chainsaw to get through and when left alone on the couches for two minutes, both ladies looked off into the distance and were silent. Thank goodness we didn't have to listen to another squabble. Meow!
Juan Pablo arrived and the elimination began. With tears, he cut Chelsea, the science educator who bungee jumped for him weeks ago. I thought it might be Renee, seeing she got so little air time but it looks like she'll get more time on camera next week when J.P. does hometowns. And speaking of hometowns, some parents are definitely not impressed with their daughters' boyfriend! Clare's Mother and Andi's Dad are a tough nuts to crack but the preview said Andi gets to the fantasy suite early? Are they combining hometowns with the fantasy suite dates? What? We'll have to tune in to see!

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