Thursday, March 7, 2019

Chihuahuas, Vultures and Corona!

Our friend's balcony
I'm in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and feeling like I won the lottery.
I know I just got back from Maui and if I could have spaced out these amazing vacations with a few months, I would have gone to Maui in November or early January but...

My husband has business here and I decided to tag along. I think my exact words were "You're not going to Puerto Vallarta without me."
There's my plane out there

His buddy of 30 years has a penthouse on the beach overlooking the ocean with Puerto Vallarta in the distance. We are blessed to have run of the house. And it comes with two Chihuahua dogs who are cute as a button. Tiny Mexican buttons.

I flew from cold SeaTac yesterday on a flight with lots of families headed out of the unusually cold Seattle winter and had a window seat. My seat mates were two boys who'd never been on a plane and were enjoying every minute of it. Free apple juice and movies! I watched The Wife, with Glenn Close and found it extremely interesting, as a writer!!!! Wow. I had no idea what it was about so everything was a big surprise, just the way it should be when watching a movie.
Can you find me swimming?
After customs, I found Roland in the waiting group of people beyond baggage claim. We jumped in our rental car, drove around the P.V. Marina where we first met in 1990. (I talked about putting this marina in The Dream Jumper's Pursuit) and then off we drove to this exclusive high rise on the beach where my husband has spent many a night with his buddy over the last decade without me. I usually go to Maui, where I once lived and have many friends, Roland goes to P.V. . But this year it worked out that we can both get away at the same time and our timing couldn't be better. Apparently it's snowing again in Seattle!
Our friend wasn't home yet and after a swim in the pool, we watched pelicans and frigate birds fly by the balcony, soaring on the coastal breeze. A few vultures even flew by and my husband joked about putting one of the coveted stuffed crabs in the fridge on a stick to get a shot of a vulture.
The beloved housekeeper had left beef stew that was to die for, along with a salad full of veggies and spinach. I had a few Coronas with dinner on the balcony and we talked late into the night with our friend when he arrived home.
Swimming in the complex pool

So far this morning I've had 2 cups of coffee, have watched whales jumping in the ocean off the balcony and have contemplated what to do on our adventure up north to Sayulita today.
No work today unless you call adventuring around the Riviera Nayarit research!

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