Monday, February 1, 2016

Olivia is the new Gentle Villain on THE BACHELOR

I skipped blogging about the episode on the 18th because I've been traveling but here's last week's installment in quick form:

Olivia has claimed Ben. That's all there is to it. "Ben is my man," was said at the camera many times. Okaaaaaay then, moving on.

Ben left Los Angeles for Las Vegas and the ladies followed excitedly. YOu have to understand that anything gets these ladies screaming and yelling for joy because they have no cell phones, TV, contact with the outside world so the idea of even leaving the house is almost too much to bear.
After checking in to the Aria and pouring drinks, Jo Jo goes on a one on one. First stop, the roof for champs, second stop ducking behind a blown over table when the heli lands. A tour of LV by chopper, kissing and then on to the evening where Jo Jo and Ben kiss some more, talk, watch fireworks. (The ladies see the fireworks from their suite and they are THE MOST AMAZING FIREWORKS EVER!!!!!!!)
The group date is everyone but Becca and they find themselves in a talent competition at the Terry Fator show. Jubilee plays the cello! And the twins do a river dance routine! But who gets all the air time? Olivia who does a lame coming out of a cake routine and embarrasses herself. Yawn. The gal in the chicken suit reminded me of the Chicken Enthusiast who could've killed the competition with her Cirque-like arials but moving on...
At the cocktail party Olivia gets all the on camera air time, fretting about losing her overly zealous optimism about Ben and Lauren B gets the rose. See Olivia, hanging back a bit works too.
Becca gets the one on one and arrives at the Little White Chapel in a wedding dress. Turns out Ben got ordained online and he's going to marry a bunch of people while Becca is the witness. Cute date, I thought. Ben is sweet about it all. After a hard day at the office, they end up at the neon museum where old neon signs go to die. Coolio! Becca gets a rose.
The twins get a surprise last minute date and they go home with Ben to meet the mom who looks just like them. ONe of them is left with Mom and one continues in the competition. Not sure who. Oh Emily.
At the rose ceremony at LIQUID, Olivia gets her groove back and forces herself on Ben, getting the last rose which she interprets to mean he's saving the best for last but we interpret as he's punishing you for being so gall-darned aggressive. Rachel the unemployed gal from Little Rock goes home, Amber too and next week they go to Mexico.
I mean tonight!

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