Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#SickofNick and Jared rises to the top of the Boyfriend Heap!

I'm getting so tired of Nick Viall that I hated this episode of THE BACHELORETTE. I'm sorry if you are TeamNick but I don't trust him and I don't think any man who's already been on the The Bachelorette and vied for a woman's hand in marriage, then trash talked both of them, has the right to do it again in any other capacity than villain.

Last night began with Ian the deep thinking Princeton grad with all the white teeth, telling Kaitlyn that basically compared to him, she's a publicity-seeking buffoon. Ian said just enough for us to laugh at his pomposity and feel badly for Kaitlyn who took his words to heart enough to tear up. While he was calling her shallow, she had perfect reactions, however. Head tilts, frozen bitch face, incredulous chin tuck, and licking her front teeth without opening her lips. All reactions that would have stopped me in my tracks if I wasn't trying to hurt someone's feelings but simply be honest.
Unfortunately Ian resigned before Kaitlyn could say the words "You're outta here, Deep Thinker!" The funniest part was in the limo as Ian was suggesting himself as the next Bachelor not realizing that he just made himself the laughing stock of Bachelor Alumni, he went on and on about how profound he is, what a intellectual he is then said "finally I get to have some sex." That was a Deep Thought! Kelsey Poe, are you available for some stimulating conversations? Get those two together to talk about themselves.
Shawn B sees his girlfriend kissing Nick afterwards and a little love died on the vine as he realized he is on a game show. Oh, excuse me. A reality show. Kaitlyn continues with the rose ceremony sending home the guy who looks like Tom Hardy and the southern guy with the shaved head.
The cast and crew fly to Dublin, Ireland and settle in at a Radisson Blu Hotel that looks like a castle. It's sunny, it's rainy, it's cold, it's hot. That's Dublin!
Nick gets the first one on one much to the men's disgust. All except Jared who says that it's important to just concentrate on your relationship with Kaitlyn, not anyone else's.
I'm going to skip the description of Nick's date but after wandering Dublin, they end up necking in Christ Church, which says a lot. Then they go back to her room, close the bedroom door and we get to hear them have sex in whispered tones. Uggh.

The group date involves a remorseful Kaitlyn (about having Whiskey-driven sex with Nick when she had all these great other boyfriends) at her own Irish Wake. How appropriate for the way Kaitlyn is feeling. I don't know if she saw the irony but the men toast her, write limericks, say goodbye to this lovely lady (they have no idea that Nick stayed the night) while she lies in a coffin. The banjo arrives, they sing, and then head off to the Guinness Factory down the street for their cocktail party. She has good conversations with Shawn B and Ben Z but Jared rises as a front runner, not wasting his time talking about Nick and gets the rose. He is taken to a gorgeous cathedral where the Cranberries serenade the dancing couple. Do you have to, Do you have to let it linger? Love that song. Good to see the Crans.
Shawn is so pissed about Nick and all his teenagerish bragging about his date that he had a serious talk with a producer about leaving the show. It should be noted that Shawn wore a black suit, cut to his chiseled form and I would have given him the rose simply for the way this man looked in that suit. Watch him walk down the hall.
He heads to Kaitlyn's room where she's scarfing down some food after a long day and they sit down to talk. She's worried he knows Nick stayed the whole night.
From ads, we know she eventually starts crying, he says "do you not know what we have?" and things get testy, but we will have to wait until next week to see if Shawn stays on the show. The previews show trouble in Nick paradise next week so it might be worth watching but I tell you, if he doesn't leave soon, I'm going to watch through a crack in my hand next week. I'm #SickofNick and his teenagerish ways. And what about that hairdo?

During the closing credits, Britt introduces her mother to her boyfriend Brady, and the mom repeatedly tells Britt he seems like a nice friend. By now Britt is dressing like Brady and looking very worried her mother won't approve. There is something fragile and sad about Britt, like maybe her mom won't let her have a boyfriend and she'll have to let him go.

See you next week!

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