Friday, October 10, 2014

Winner of Chanticleer Books Paranormal Mystery/Thriller!

Free Today Until Midnight on October 17th!

The Dream Jumper's Secret

Book 2 in The Dream Jumper Series

Here's some info on the first book:


1.    226 Reviews, Most are 4 and 5 Stars, and that says something.

2.    Surprise Ending, Twists that most people don't see coming

3.    Set on Maui!

4.     Publishers Weekly Review

"Hornsby has written a fascinating and engaging paranormal romance, skillfully presenting both Tina's mourning and a vivid picture of Hawaiian culture. The relationship between Jamey and Tina and Tina's love for Hank are believable and richly portrayed."
- Publisher's Weekly
5. Winner of Chanticleer Books and Reviews 2013 Paranormal Mystery/Thriller
6. Nominated for Best Indie First Book by Indie Rom/Con
7. FREE! No investment but time.

8. Sharks 
You won't like this story if:
1. You only read gory thrillers (no blood to speak of)
2. You are looking for erotic (Steamy romance but not erotic)
3. You don't normally like Suspense/Mystery
4. You can't handle a little paranormal (this book includes paranormal aspects like sharing dreams)
If you just decided you won't like my book, maybe you could still click "buy" for free and help out a struggling author. :)

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