Thursday, October 16, 2014

Emerald City Writers' Conference

Tomorrow I leave for the Emerald City Writers' Conference. (Notice the apostrophe after the s in writers? Only writers know that kind of stuff, right?)
The gathering of romance writers usually involves lots of books, business cards, middle aged women (hello), chocolate, networking, workshops, AV problems, camaraderie, and wine. I've been to this GSRWA conference probably six or seven times and can attest to all those things. The only one I hope to be left out of this year is the AV problems but when you're dealing with a woman who did not even have computers in her school and learned everything she knows about devices from her children, it might be me who has the problems. I know I had them two years ago at my workshop titled How to be Rockstar Confident.
My 12 year old helped me with my power point presentation -- How to Survive Your Virgin Year of Being Published. Apparently, she learned power point in third grade and I had to remind her that I know how to do a French Braid and she doesn't.
At this point, I've laid out my outfits and jewelry which is almost as important as learning things in workshops, have my bookfair books ready to go with QR codes as well, can't find my banner stating
I'm an Amazon Bestselling Author which is just as well because it's kinda braggy, colored my hair, my nails, charged my camera, wrapped my gift basket and have cleaned out the car for the airport pickup of the literary agent, Kathleen Rushall. I'm 24 hours away from leaving the house. It's only a 12-15 minute drive over to the Westin in Bellevue so I'll be sleeping at home this weekend but I've told hubby and kids that I'm not available, incommunicado, and if they see me just walk on by with no questions or complaints about laundry.

I caught the shortest cold in history on Monday and am now almost completely well again but the lingering headache might be just enough to keep me from overdrinking and making an ass out of myself by being too friendly. Yes, this is actually a worry of mine, with or without wine. I'm a too friendly person, assuming familiarity as soon as someone smiles at me. This year, I'll try to hold back a little, remain a tiny bit aloof. Oh except when I am on the Hospitality Desk from 3-5 tomorrow with Rhonda Beardsley who I hope is a hugger.

This is my gift basket called Where's The Beach and includes my books, candy martini mixings, mac nuts, Katy Perry Eyelashes, Gorgeous Necklace and earrings, a packable Riviera sunhat, shot glass, keychain and more.

See you at the conference and if you happen to notice me at the Bookfair selling books and giving away sleep masks, please come say hi. I promise to not hug you.

Kim Hornsby
Amazon Bestselling Author
The Dream Jumper's Promise
The Dream Jumper's Secret
Necessary Detour

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  1. Hi Kim,
    ECWC was amazing as always and I was the lucky winner of your beach themed basket.Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you included! I'm waiting somewhat impatiently for my bf to ship it to me since there was not an inch of available space in my luggage. Can you say "way over packed"???
    Thanks again,