Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Chicken Enthusiast Looks Engaged!

Watching The Bachelor news these days is wildly exciting as they leak bits and dribbles of information to us Bachelor Nation fans in anticipation of the Season 20 Bachelor Debut, January 4th, on ABC.
This week ABC released the list of lovely women vying for the hand of Ben Higgins, the software guy who lives in Colorado and builds homes for poor Hondurans in his spare time. Ben is every nice girls' ticket to dreamboat city.

Among the contestant information fed to us were the professions of the 28 women. Yes, you heard me. They have 28 women this year! Why so many, you ask? Well, twins added 1 extra to the pile and then they brought back two former contestants, Becca and Amber, the latter of whom was fresh off Bachelor in Paradise, still scratching her mosquito bites, no doubt. So that's 3 extra. Who knows what they were thinking?
But, the huge number of women isn't the big news this week. Oh no. The biggest news is that one of the women listed her profession as a Chicken Enthusiast. Has this got you wondering what that is, like the rest of the Nation?
After reading all the blogs and articles, and watching Jimmey Kimmel make fun of her supposed job by saying she might work the gravy gun at KFC, I have to say that some people totally get it and some do not. I'm pretty sure there is no such profession as a chicken enthusiast people. But I am sure there will be lots of people who protest that it sounds like a stupid job and those who argue that this Tiara Soleim sounds a bit unusual,which to them won't be a compliment.
I happen to think it sounds like the best profession I've seen on The Bachelor, maybe ever. And I've been a HUGE fan since the first season with what's his name. Ya, him.
Last week, anyone creeping her name on social media could see that she has a very good job, one that kind of explains those gorgeous teeth. But she must have a fun side also, one that has a degree of crazy-wackiness in this woman that just might translate well to great TV viewing. Remember when Bachelor Nation campaigned for Amy Schumer to be the next Bachelorette? People want funny! So often, the girls are boring and careful, and I for one would love to see a chicken enthusiast explain herself.

If you find her on Instagram at Mizz_Minxy, you'll see that she leads a very active life that involves chickens. Even her Dad likes chickens, looks like. That's the spirit! There's a particularly cute photo of her with a favorite chicken whose name escapes me right now. But hey, look at those fingernails. Is that a clue into the psyche of the chicken enthusiast? Did you think frivolous the same time I did? Yes you did.
Here's my main thought on this chicken enthusiast profession that everyone (including Kimmel and Fallon) are talking about this week:

Could it be that someone is actually making fun of The Bachelor reality show by throwing this crazy profession back in the faces of those hungry producers who need a good hook to keep the show fresh? (I'm imagining a young producer begging Tiara to do more chicken schtick for the camera so he can get a funny shot of her.)

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