Saturday, December 5, 2015

I'm an Indie Author

I sit at my desk at least 6 hours a day, 7 days a week
My neighbors know how I write a sex scene
I live inside my head for at least half of the day
I smell my own print books
I wake up at 5 a.m. with an idea and have to get to my laptop
My kids eat frozen pizza and microwaved lasagna when I write
I disguise begging to ask friends to review my book
Some months I pay out more in promo than I make
I fret about self promotion and appearing brash
I take rejection on the chin and keep going
Favorite words are "BookBub said yes" & "I just typed The End"
I have a to-do list with the words Mail Chimp and Pic Monkey
I tweet, post, promote, review, blog, design, and dialogue in my head
My friends mostly read the NY Times Bestseller List
My enemy is formatting
My husband doesn't read books
My kids have no idea
Strangers have written nasty reviews about my heartfelt work
I don't watch TV unless it helps my writing
I stop to think if it's "its" or "it's"
I'm getting fatter every year and don't really care
I have to do this or go slightly crazy
Commas drive me crazy, frustrated, and mad
I was just horrified to see "crazy" on consecutive lines
When I wake, I remember my latest book and smile
Some of my favorite peeps, I've never met in person
I go to workshops titled "How to Brand Yourself"
I give workshops called "How to Survive Your Virgin Year in Publishing"
I put together box sets of books and give proceeds to charity
At a writer conference, I have a room of 300 friends
A 5 star review is like a present at the door
Pictures of cozy reading corners make me happy
Getting a box of my books in the mail is heaven
I make enough money to help with groceries
My critique group understands me
I organize writer retreats in gorgeous houses in the woods
A few neighbors think I'm a bit of a celebrity
Writing this made me feel good
I have somewhere to go every day, even if it's just in my head

I'm an Indie Author

Kim Hornsby is the Bestselling Author of THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE.
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