Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reading and Reviewing Courtney's Bachelor Tell All - Who's the best in the sack?

If you clicked on my review to see who is Courtney's top pick in the sack then you should probably buy this book because that's who the Tell-All appeals to--the type of person who just can't help themselves and wants to see the answer to that type of question. Being a nice reviewer/author/publisher, I"m going to give you a big fat hint. He drives racing cars and his name rhymes with Carrie. He even has a little moment in the book where he describes his love making mind set. Okaaaay.

Okay, now for the review of I'm Not Here to Make Friends.
If Courtney actually wrote this book by herself, not with a ghost writer or a Harper Collins helper, she's one funny gal. She can turn a phrase with the best of them and has an acerbic wit that translates well to the page. I for one, did not think her personality translated well to the TV and was a big fan of Lindzi. (When Ben chose Courtney, I did one of those looking up at the heavens, arms out, and yelled "NOOOOOO!" things.) A lot has happened since that rose ceremony and my feelings of dislike for Courtney have softened. According to the book, I was in the Babs camp on how I felt about the gal Ben chose to be his wife. You'll have to buy the book to find out who Babs is. (hint, it rhymes with other in law)
The book is funny, it's written well, put together with a great deal of thought but then, you look to see the thing is published by Harper Collins and I'm pretty sure ole Court had loads
of help. The fascinating part about the book is all the behind the scenes information which is why I originally paid 10 bucks (!?) for this gossipy account of one nasty girl's rise to the Final Rose.
I enjoyed hearing about the inner workings of The Bachelor, especially in my line of work. You'll be surprised at Courtney's career pre-Bachelor. She actually WAS a model, not just a wanna be. According to her, she had a target on her back from the first night because she listed her job as "Model" and this cast seemed to be particularly catty. But then, she dug her own grave by saying horribly catty things about other human beings on National TV, things that you might think but should never say out loud, let alone on TV. And this was why we hated her.
In the book Courtney does not own up to this character trait and I wanted to hear her admit that she took a long hard look at herself after the show, or after her breakup with Ben, to try to figure out what aspect of her personality needed some work. But 'villains' never do realize that they have flaws that make them unlikable. They make excuses by saying how awful everyone else was and how they were singled out unnecessarily. Same with the last villain in Chris Soules' season - the widow who faked the panic attack on the floor just before the rose ceremony. People like that think they will get away with stuff and when they're called out, they have to continue the act or admit they have problems. Same with Courtney. She has a likable side, a funny side and she certainly had her own side to what actually went down during filming. She also has a very unlikable side. And I'd caution any man to be careful of women who aren't liked by other women or say that they get along better with men. Red flag. Not liking your gender is a bit strange.
Courtney is such a woman. But she's young, she may learn as she gets older. Regardless, the book was fun to read if you like The Bachelor and hearing about the fantasy suite appeals to the rest of us out here, living vicariously through this show.

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