Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Christmas Looms!

I guess it isn't very nice to say that Christmas is looming. That word suggests something ominous hovering over the city.
Christmas is on it's merry way!
And no one is thinking Christmas more than me because for the last month, I've been writing Christmas Romance screenplays in hopes of selling one!
I have books, novellas, short stories, screenplays, and scripts. Take your pick. But my latest work is writing a believable Christmas movie but still keeping in the hunky new guy, the old boyfriend who's all wrong and lots of mistletoe and skating on a quaint frozen lake with twinkly lights and a cocoa stand. See? I'm up to my eyeballs in Christmas.
And for that reason, I combined 4 of my novels into one set and called it Christmas in Love.
All four stories are romances, the last one less of a full-on Christmas romance and more of a suspenseful Christmas story with a couple that's still in love after a baby.
Instead of publishing these books individually, I made a marketing decision to presale the set at a discounted $4.99, launch on the 11th of December and try for a Book Bub ad shortly after to lead me to stardom in the Christmas Romance World.
Two of my books in the set are on desks around Hollywood being considered as 2019 Christmas Romance movies. The scripts are, at least, not the books themselves. I wrote screenplays to go with the books Christmas in Whistler and Christmas in Crystal Creek. And, as I type this, I'm working on the next one, Christmas in Snowflake Lake.

According to the Hallmark movies I watched in the last two days, my screenplays should get picked up and make PDQ. They are as good, if not better scripts and locations and premises.
If you are looking to get into the Christmas spirit and don't mind falling in love in a book, check out my new set, Christmas in Love which includes

Christmas in Whistler
Christmas in Crystal Creek
Maui Kalikimaka
Dream Come True

Christmas in Love
Available for purchase now
Delivery Dec 11th
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