Saturday, March 31, 2018

ARROW to Dream Jumper?

My novel is slated to be a FEATURE FILM!
How cool is that?
Very, very cool, I'd say. When the film company sent contracts to my agent to option the whole series, I was over the moon excited and happy and thankful and vindicated. Yes, vindicated because when I tried to get this first novel an agent or a publisher, no one would touch it.
Because it involves dreaming.

There are numerous flashbacks and dreams and premonitions and the story is complicated. But, I have faith in readers and knew they could handle it.

This weekend, I have a friend in Washington D.C. who is lining up at #AwesomeCon to get an autograph from the man who I want to talk to about playing the lead in the film.

Stephen Amell (Arrow)

This is a shot of him yesterday at the Con with a fan.

James deBenedetto asked me if I'd like him to mention the film to Stephen when it's his turn to get an autograph.
Hell ya!
I think Stephen would be great in the role of Jamey Dunn, Special Forces soldier who has the ability to enter dreams. The movie is set on Maui, while he's on medical leave and encounters his ex-girlfriend whose husband has gone missing.

As a contributing producer and a bit of a go-getter, I've already sent him the script through his agent and heard that the material was well received. He won't read the script until a director is attached, which in Hollywood talk means he won't believe the film is going to be made until a really good director comes on board. Fair enough.
In the material I sent him this week, there was a letter to him personally to ask him to keep this project in his thoughts until we go into the pre-production stage and begin casting.
BUT, I want him to come on board as a producer. As with any film, there are many producers and each one has a varying degree of input. I am a contributing producer which means I don't make any final decisions and can contribute but not command. That's fine. I'm thrilled to be able to be a part of it.
So, today or tomorrow, James is handing Stephen the physical novel and a note from me to say "Imagine yourself playing Jamey..."

I'm hoping he takes the book, (not hands it to his assistant) and his wife reads it. Then, on Monday, someone in his camp looks on Amazon to see if the book has done well. It has moderate success with 323 reviews but wasn't ever a blockbuster hit for a big stretch of time.
If you haven't read the book but love ARROW, would you consider taking a look on Amazon and weighing in about his suitability to play the lead?
Amazon Link

If you read this book and liked it (!) and did not write a review, would you consider writing one now? The more reviews up there, the better it looks.
If you haven't read the book, would you consider buying it this weekend to get the numbers up? I left the novel at .99 this weekend for that purpose.
Even if you don't buy in to the paranormal, you'll see in my reviews that it's a book for all types of readers. It's paranormal lite, with the strangeness of entering dreams as the supernatural ability. Check out the first book HERE on Amazon Kindle.
As you read, tell me if you think this guy would make a good Jamey. My 16 year-old daughter says no but then she judges everyone based on their age and hair. And I have to think our audience will be older.
But then, ARROW is beloved by many.

If you can, give the book some love this weekend and stay posted to see if Stephen Amell responds positively.

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