Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ten Authors, One Creepy Story

I'm part of a collection of incredible Suspense Authors called Moonlight and Mystery.

We have an awesome website for readers where we blog, give away cool stuff, tweet, we have contests, and we announce #FREEBOOKS. We also have Goodreads discussions, have a Facebook site, we have a street team, and it's a wonderful group to belong to if you're a reader who likes suspense books. You can be in our Inner Circle if you like to get all kinds of perks on books and giveaways.

Here's the website...

This week was my turn to write the final chapter in a collaborative novel that got creepier as the story went on. Ten authors, ten styles, ten ideas of where this story was going.
And I got the supreme challenge to write the ending.
I read the whole thing through several times, made notes on what plot lines had to be addressed and started writing. I couldn't stop.
It was like I was writing another whole novel!
So much needed to be said about Annabelle, Preston, Max, even those ghostly apparitions that rose from the water to suggest justice.
I spent about 3 full days writing the 5,000 words needed to finish the story to my satisfaction. Considering I live with my novels for a year before publishing, this was a challenge and a cool writing exercise for this writer. Each of the other nine authors took the chapter before them and ran with it, keeping the tension high, the characters interesting and the story moving forward.
I want to keep editing and revising and changing my final chapter now and it's an exercise in itself to walk away from the story. I have another book to work on.
Check it out.


Read the 1-2 hour story and see if the ending works. I had loads of stuff to tie up. And now I shall go massage my aching shoulders!

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