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My Reading List - 2017

Hey Krowdies! Did you know I refer to my readers and anyone who tunes in to my blog, books, tweets as my Krowd?

Kimmy's Krowd, to be more specific. Whether you want to be a part of a crowd, or not, you're in there. No strings attached. No sign up required. And you don't have to send me a birthday card on May 8th. Just read and review.

I'm not sure why I post my yearly reads except that it gives me a thoughtful reflection on the worlds I delved into by taking on these novels.
I start and abandon as many as I finish and don't list those rejects here because if I abandoned them, I didn't connect with the story, or the writing, or the editing. Or I wasn't in the mood for a vampire suspense, erotic fantasy or anything that begins with a gory crime scene.

I'm specific in what I like to read, just like you. And my current mood factors into it, as well. I read Suspense, Crime, Mystery, Women's Fiction and occasionally a romance or a funny book to break up the heaviness of criminal activities. I don't read anything gory, no torture, and if an animal dies, I stop reading immediately. I write Suspense, as well. Although I've shared space with Stephen King and Dean Koontz on Amazon lists, I do not write blood, gore, crime scenes, torture, horror, and although my characters have problems, open wounds and horrific suffering are not the kind of problems I write about. No animals die. Ever. I consider myself an Empath and I can only take on so much of the emotion as I read. Consequently, I write novels that have a tolerable amount of conflict.

Without further ado, here's what I read, finished, and liked/loved this year as Kimmy's Korner on Amazon (Fiction Only.)
My reviews of each book can be found over here:


Sister - Rosamund Lupton
The Inheritance - Heidi Hostetter
Turtle Moon - Alice Hoffman
Silent Lies - Kathryn Croft
Closing In - Sue Fortin
In a Cottage in a Wood - Cass Green
Fortunate Monsters - Nancy Fulton
The Hideaway - Lauren K. Denton
The Sister - Louise Jensen
The EvoAngel - Ellen King Rice
Last Breath - Karin Slaughter
Settling for More - Lori Leger
A Trick of the Light - Louise Penny
Why Not Kill Her? - Paul Sanders
The Driver - Hart Hanson
Stillhouse Lake - Rachel Caine
The Wildwater Walking Club - Claire Cook
Damnable Legacy - G. Elizabeth Kretchmer
Fathermucker - Greg Olear
Volcano House - J. L. Oakley
The Light of the Fireflies - Paul Pen
Here on Earth - Alice Hoffman
Christmas 911 - Lori Leger
Make No Bones About It - Ann Charles
After You Left - Carol Mason
The Russian Obsession - Nikki Navarre
Revelation - Carter Wilson
Sister Sister - Sue Fortin
Everything We Keep - Kerry Lonsdale
Slave Queen - H. B. Moore
Here's to Us - Elin Hilderbrand
I'll Give You The Sun - Jandy Nelson
A Drop of Ink - Megan Chance
Scorch Road - Toby Neal
Beneath the Surface - Melynda Price
Orphan Train - Christina Baker Kline
The Witch of Napoli - Michael Schmicker
Qualify - Vera Nazarian
Brain on Fire (memoir) - Suzannah Calahan
I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You - Courtney Maum

I initially choose books by price, interest level and professional covers. There are so many I can't read because they cost more than $5 and unless I absolutely love that author, or have it gifted to me, I don't pay more than $5 for an ebook. I stick to a very tight budget and wait for sales on book sites like Book Bub and Fussy Librarian to name a few.
I get a lot of offers to read books and choose randomly from my list of free books for reviews by reading the first page. If it doesn't grab me by the throat, I move on.

Life is too short to  not be grabbed by the throat by a book.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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