Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Go for the Gusto in 2018!

Have you made any?
You know...resolutions?
Did you follow through with last year's resolutions? Do you remember what they were? I don't remember mine.
But, that won't stop me from taking stock of the year and plunging into 2018 with gumption and vigor. I am an optimist. And a dreamer.

Sometimes I get caught up in an idea of the direction I want my life to turn, then remember I'm not 30 anymore. Or 40. Or 50.
 I can't take up a new career that will take years and years to learn and establish. I can't say "Writing for TV looks super interesting! I'm going to take that up!"

Or can I?

Seeing an offered course on January 11th on TV script writing, I thought about signing up, then asked myself why. Am I going to move to LA and write for TV?
However, the adventurous side of me that likes to learn new skills wants to take on this challenge of learning to write TV scripts.
It's somewhere fun to go while I procrastinate about finishing my latest novel. And, while I wait for the film company who optioned my book series to be ready to start developing the first movie. I'm a producer on the movie and I really want to get started but sometimes I get ahead of myself and everyone else in enthusiasm and ideas, necessitating a spin around to find something to take on my excitement--channel that enthusiasm into something else until we start talking pre-production. Maybe I should take up screen writing, not TV writing, but the future seems to be in TV and short episodic entertainment, not feature films. Smaller screens, shorter scripts is what Hollywood says.

So, for my 2018 resolution, I vow to dive in to wherever life takes me, keep up the excitement, learn new skills, and not do any more of that self talk that I'm too old to do this or that because I need to start thinking about winding down soon.
I will not wind down.
Resistance is not futile.

Happy New Year Everyone! Go for the Gusto!

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