Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I'm drawing for 5 - $10 AMAZON Gift Cards Monday, December 4th!
This is a reward to my readers for reviewing my books.

Even if I sent you a free book, you got the book free on Kindle Unlimited, or a friend sent it to you, you can still review. Amazon does not need a verified purchase from your account to allow you to write a review.

All you need to do to enter the GIFT CARD DRAWING is point out to me that you've reviewed any of my books on Amazon.

Send me an email to kim hornsby @ yahoo .com  OR message me on Facebook

with the subject: I reviewed!
and I will enter your name into the random drawing for how ever many reviews you've posted.

It's easy to review.

Try my 20 second template:


Title: Name of the Book - Enjoyed! or Liked! or Page Turner or Romantic or Suspenseful

In the body of the review:

I liked this book because ___________
I'd recommend it to readers who like _____________


Here is my AMAZON Site to make it easy for you to choose a book and scroll down to the reviews to where it says Write a Review

Click on that tab and start typing. Or copy and paste from above.

That's all you need. You do not need to be Hemingway to write a review (fortunately) and they help an author SOOOO much!!!! Amazon rewards books with lots of reviews by giving it free advertising. So the rich kinda get richer.

Enter to Win! 
1. WRITE A REVIEW OR TWO! (One entry for each review)
2. Email me. 
3. Win a Gift Card!
Thanks for playing everyone!

Book Deal Alert
The Complete set of Dream Jumper Books will be discounted to $1.99 November 30- Dec 5th.

Find the series here on AMAZON

  Novels by Kim Hornsby

Dream Jumper Series – Supernatural Suspense/Romance

Girl of His Dream
The Dream Jumper’s Promise
The Dream Jumper’s Secret
The Dream Jumper’s Pursuit
Dream Come True
Necessary Detour – Romantic Suspense
Rocky Bluff – Police Procedural Mystery

Leaving Town for Christmas Series

Christmas in Whistler—Contemporary Romance
Maui Kalikimaka – Contemporary Romance

The Husband Hunt Series 
- Writing as Kiki Abbott

Jaxie’s Mistake – Contemporary Romance
      Kat’s Season – Contemporary Romance   


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