Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hitting the USAT List!

I'm trying, once again, to reach USA Today Bestseller status. It's a lofty goal for any writer but not unattainable. And I believe I'm as deserving of many who've reached this milestone as a writer.
I put together a box set anthology of 12 happy Christmas Romance novellas. Some are sweet, some sexy, one is a bestselling mystery, there's a cowboy in one, a Marine, a hockey player, a juror. All have loads of Christmas spirit and at the end of the set is a wonderful collection of over 20 Holiday Recipes.
If we sell a lot of these books, USAT bestseller status might happen for the six authors of the thirteen who are not yet USAT bestselling authors.
It's hard for an Indie author to reach this status without lots of money from a publisher to buy ads. Ads sell books.
We have only $1200 to spend, not $20,000 like the big publishing houses who can pretty much buy bestseller status for their authors.
On November 14th, our box set launches everywhere and we have one week to make enough sales to reach top 150 books sold that week. We have 800 sales, so far which might seem like a lot, but we need about 4,000. Our ads that week, will hopefully make up the difference. Our fingers are crossed.

My first box set in 2015 got really close but we didn't make it. My second didn't get all that close because we made some serious mistakes. I'm hoping third time is a charm.
If you can spare 99 cents, even if you don't read romance, please consider donating to breast cancer with that money. We are donating proceeds to the Breasts Cancer Awareness Fund. The last time I did this, we gave over $1,000 to the charity.

So for 99 cents you get a Christmas Recipe Book, 12 wonderful Christmas novels and a donation to cancer.
Thanks for your support!
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