Thursday, June 22, 2017

#KimGoesToMaui - Travel Day


Okay, so I'm writing a screenplay these days and my mindset is thinking like a movie script. Bear with me. This is how you start new scenes in a screenplay.

I'm on Maui for 5 days for the Maui Film Festival and while here, I am determined to hunker down with no distractions in my open-air deck office except for the noisy myna birds and the friendly geckos.

I arrived last night on the 6:35 flight from San Francisco, was picked up at OGG by one of my all-time besties, Lynn, and we drove to the West Side in the dwindling light of a cloud-filled sunset. Stopping at Safeway for a few things, we continued on north to Kahana, where Lynn lives.
It feels indescribably amazing to be on Maui, even though I was here in January. The scent of the air is uniquely fragrant here, the bird calls, the laid-back vibe. the expensive wine!
I know it's costly to ship stuff over, and at the Lahaina Cannery Safeway last night, I was reminded of this fact. A few groceries came to $75 but hey! I'm on Maui. And when on Maui, one needs cheese, crackers, fruit, coffee, cream, and wine.
After tapas on the deck at Lynn's and a lively discussion on whether Edward Snowden did the right thing to leak NSA information, I fell into a bed with 800 thread count sheets and the trade wind wafting in the window.
I slept like a baby until waking at 5:30 to a phone call from someone on the mainland who doesn't realize Hawaii is three hours behind. I didn't answer and am still not sure who called.

Today, I'm perched at my desk on the deck, getting ready to work on The Dream Jumper's Promise, a movie I'm hoping will be filmed here, on Maui in 2018. I'm chomping at the bit like a writer who has no idea what writers' block is.

A swim at Kapalua Bay is in my future this afternoon as well as a little snorkel, then on to the Maui Film Festival to watch a movie about riding the biggest waves in the world, while the ocean is only a few feet away.
I can't wait to pull up my low backed lawn chair and watch a movie under the stars about surfing the ocean's dangerous waves!

Keep posted for Day 2 tomorrow...

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