Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stephen Amell - From ARROW to THE DREAM JUMPER

If you know the hit TV series ARROW, you've seen the star, Stephen Amell, wearing both a leather-ish hunter costume and his skin shirt. Both are proof of brilliant costuming, athletic conditioning and savvy marketing.
Stephen is not only nice to watch, but his acting chops are Emmy-worthy.
Mr. Amell can act, looks great on camera, is athletic, seasoned but young enough to play the part of Jamey Dunn in the movie version of THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE.

If you are a fan of ARROW, or Stephen Amell, you won't be disappointed to see him in this film that is slated to shoot on Maui next year. If he takes the part. I am hoping...
Jamey is a tough guy with a soft heart who can enter other people's dreams and does that for the American Military in Afghanistan. Although the first movie is set on Maui, and has beach scenes, and diving scenes, there are flashbacks of Jamey inside an al Qaeda member's dream. And he has a fight scene with an antagonistic hula dancer. So, if you love to watch Stephen's martial arts moves, you will get a taste of that.

The role of Jamey is juicy.
 Jamey Dunn is a complicated dude. He's late thirties, from the small town of Carnation, Washington, raised by a single dad in an old house on the Tolt River, grew up with brothers, was a Seattle cop, is now divorced, has twin girls-- age 8, was recruited by the US Military for his top secret abilities. He has what he calls hyper-intuition. Life has been one big disappointment after another because of his 'gift'. After the divorce he was recruited to serve in Afghanistan using his abilities for the greater good. Jamey is an honorable man. He's never lost his feelings for Tina who now owns a dive shop on Front Street, Lahaina, Maui.
A disastrous dream jump has left him unable to jump and he's on leave to chill out in hopes of re-gaining his gift. On Maui, Jamey runs into Tina, now a new widow. She's having haunting dreams, feels like she's going crazy and Jamey must help her. It's his fault she's in this mess.
It's an active role --Jamey goes scuba diving, flies an airplane, drinks beer, has war flashbacks, reads minds. and falls back in love with Tina, who is cautious around him because of their history.

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KIM HORNSBY is a National Bestselling Author who lives in the Seattle area writing at a desk that overlooks a tree-lined lake and mountains in the distance. She once taught SCUBA on Maui and has faced a hammer-head shark head shark underwater.

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