Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shy Writer to Rock Star

This week I'm talking to anyone who'll listen at the Historic Davenport Hotel about self-confidence. Actually, the talk is based on how to create the rock star side of yourself to present a polished social patina to either a Hollywood producer who's looking for a new idea for a movie, or a crowd of 500 writers who are hanging on every word you say to find out how to follow in your successful footsteps. I'm at the Connecting Writers with Hollywood conference In Spokane, Washington, teaching, pitching and then doing a book signing at Auntie's Bookstore on Saturday, three events that will require me to change from a hair don't care, bathrobe wearing writer to a Bestselling Author.

The workshop I'm teaching on Thursday for conference goers is called Channeling Your Inner Rock Star and I will begin by breaking the myth that rock stars like Steven Tyler, Fergie, Pat Benatar, Alice Cooper and Tommy Lee don't take out the garbage or change their kids' dirty diapers.
They do.
I've met many celebrities in my day because of my brush with show biz and when rock stars take off their makeup and leather pants and are faced with a family party with their kids, they are just regular folks. Well, maybe they still look a bit weird with the long black hair, but my point is that Smoke & Mirrors is everything when summoning confidence to perform.

Anyone can think of themselves in the celebrity sense and should if they are called upon to promote, whether it's a one on one pitch or a keynote speech. In the former, you need to exude confidence in your project, forget nerves and present an enthusiastic but professional side of yourself to get through the pitch. For the latter situation, it is helpful to call upon the inner you who loves to speak in front of an audience.
The amazing transformation from nervous Nelly who practically lives in her head most of the day, to a poised celebrity can be achieved by creating an alter-ego, one who recognizes when it's show time and can handle the spotlight.
I tell my clients to think of themselves as a celebrity, like rock stars do when they put on the makeup, chains, leather boots, and all other aspects of a rock star costume that precipitates the transformation. Wear something you wouldn't normally wear as the writer behind the computer screen, look different, act different, take on that persona and own it. Imagine that you are big stuff, have something amazing to say, can change the world of the people listening to you. It's not such a stretch to imagine that. You might be big stuff to someone out there, you can change someone's world with your writing. See?

Now go put on your power suit, grab those embossed business cards and be a Rock Star!

Kim's workshop, Channeling Your Inner Rock Star, is about empowering shy introverts to present their best version of themselves in public.
For information about this workshop, contact Kim at kimhornsby, or take the 90 minute class at Connecting Writers with Hollywood this week in Spokane Washington.

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing your talk, Kim!

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