Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thankful for my Readers - FREEBIES!

Kimmy's Korner

November News

The Holidays are almost upon us! Can you believe it? I have my fake tree up but not decorated because I like to do these things in stages so I don’t burn out by the 25th. And because my freshman college student is coming home next week for a few days and I’m excited enough to start the tree, but it's too early for decor.

From August to mid-November I wrote like a speedy chipmunk on espresso, and what do I have to show for it besides a little weight gain and flab?
Two Books!

One is a Kindle World Novel (5 Hour Read) ROCKY BLUFF and the other is a continuation of my DREAM JUMPER series that has two different names. Sorry to confuse anyone.

First I published the book in an 8-Book Bundle that I put together with Alexa Grace, Ann Charles and Misty Evans, Adrienne Giordano, Jacki Delecki, Alicia Dean, Lori Leger and Amara Draska called Criminal Christmas. Then I got the book ready for it's very own publishing and re-named it The Dream Jumper's Christmas. It releases MONDAY, November 23rd!!!  Available now.

The story stands alone as a Christmas Suspense Mystery but follows The Dream Jumper's Pursuit after Tina and Jamey return from Nicaragua.
In the Dream Jumper edition, I've included my husband’s Amazing Fool-Proof Turkey recipe that is so EASY and moist! 

So, inside Criminal Christmas, my book is called Christmas Interrupted but alone it's called THE DREAM JUMPER'S CHRISTMAS.

I hope you enjoy the story of Pops' strange neighbors at Christmas time and the threat they impose to not only ruin the holidays but to the safety of Jamey, Tina, Pops, the twins and Harry the dog.


If you haven’t read THE DREAM JUMPER’S SECRET or THE DREAM JUMPER’S PURSUIT, they go FREE on Monday! (A lot is happening on Monday J )
Feel free to spread the news if you know anyone who would enjoy the books.

SECRET: (This novel finaled in the Chanticleer Book Reviews’ Paranormal Awards this year)

PURSUIT: (This novel is entered in Chanticleer Book Reviews’ Paranormal Awards (Thriller category) right now!


*I’m thrilled that my Kindle Worlds novella, ROCKY BLUFF is doing well in the Lei Crime/Police Procedural Category. I thought Lei and Tina were somewhat similar in character except that Lei is a Maui cop who loves solving crimes.

* I’m headed to Nicaragua to a wedding in January with my husband and friends and can hardly contain myself. I’ll be staying near the hotel that Jamey and Tina pretty much lived in during PURSUIT, eating lots of beans and cheese and avocado fries at El Camelo (where Jamey and Tina often ate) and I even plan to cruise the islands off Granada in a ponga and swim in the Pacific Ocean in San Juan del Sur and the Laguna de Apoyo.
I’ll post lots of pics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram so if you don’t follow me and want to see my photos, you might want to friend me. This house is where Diego and Annie live on Mombacho, but in reality where my cousins Rob and Jill live.)
Instagram: Kim Hornsby author
Pinterest: Kim Hornsby
Facebook: Kim Hornsby Author

We'll be staying at this hotel in Granada
And here in San Juan del Sur
I plan to write a bit at the end of the stay while we are in this house on the Laguna de Apoyo

Here's a photo of me and my cousin, Robyn, swimming in the bathtub-like lake in 2013.
I’m trying to lose 5 pounds before Nicaragua, to make my clothes fit better after the last 4 months of sitting and writing. And to look a wee bit slimmer in the Laguna de Apoyo. Keep posted!

*In the Passion & Danger Box Set of 10 Books, we were able to donate over $1,000 to Cancer Charities – Breast Cancer Foundation and the Foundation for Thymic Cancer! Thanks to everyone who bought that set. It will be on sale for only two more months, then will dissolve forever.

*My first novel Necessary Detour, was picked up by Amazon Encore and got a second chance at sales through their promotion. It's doing great!

*FYI, when I drive anywhere near Carnation, Washington, I feel like stopping in to chew the fat with Pops, then I remember that Pops lives only in my head. Dangit.

*I've spend hours lately trying to figure out how to navigate a sign up for my newsletter and I feel like I'm getting close to understanding the process of adding a link on my website, but even though Mail Chimp tailors their instructions to chimp-level IQ's, I'm not quite there yet.

ENJOY the FREE Books this week Monday-Friday, and feel free to tweet or email this link to anyone who likes to read!
Happy Thanksgiving.
This year, I'm thankful that I have enough readers to make me feel encouraged to keep writing and getting better.

Thank you for making my dream come true, 

You only journey if you dare to leave home

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