Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Model Can't Put Down Phone on DWTS

Last night on Dancing With The Stars ( #DWTS), the model from the Superbowl Carl's Jr ad, Charlotte, did not get the popular vote and was asked to leave the show.
She had great dancing potential if she'd just been dedicated enough to put down her phone and work a little harder. The clip of her and Keno working in the studio showed her on the darn phone every chance she got. If her dancing partner stopped to think, she went to the phone. She heard it beep, she went to the phone. Even Len told her that being on this show as a golden opportunity and she needed to treat it as such. The gal had long legs, dancing potential and probably the male vote seeing that's the image she projects (busty beer commercial babe), but it wasn't enough to save her over Noah, the vet who dances with one arm and one leg, for crying out loud, and the Bachelor. I guess men don't watch DWTS.

Here's my opinion of what's going on these days on DWTS:

Nastia is a gymnast so of course she is going to look fantastic out there. She's an Olympic level gymnast.
Rumer looks so much like her Mama at that age! Fabulous dancer and what a set of gorgeous (but fake) choppers! She's cute.
14 Year Old is now only known as that, not her name. So young to be in this competition. Next, they'll let a toddler dance if he's tall enough.
Noah the veteran. Fan favorite. We love this guy for so many reasons. Hope he gets that prosthetic arm working for his sake.
Chris, Prince Farming. He can dance but he must stop looking so terrified. Go for it, Chris!
Patti Labelle. Wonderful Diva. It's been fun. Probably time to bow out.
Suzanne Somers. She is 68?! Check out her legs! I'm a fan but she's only got another week or two left before the young'uns take over.
Robert the Shark. He's a little dude. Love that he's doing this. Favorite shark! Romancing the dance instructor too. Fun to watch them make googly eyes at each other.
Michael Sam. Muscular and kind of tight but fun to watch and he has that little boy smile!
Riker. I like this guy! He's a rocker kid with great pizzazz. Also a distant cousin of Julianne and Derek. He acts like a teenage boy but dances like a seasoned performer. From performing family.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

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