Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shark Tank Shows its Dorsal Fin

This week we've gathered around the TV at 8 pm to watch ABC's Shark Tank, the show where five entrepreneurs are lined up to hear pitches from lowly business people needing money and expertise. My family comments on everything, unlike a movie where the rule is to shut up and let everyone have their own individual journey. "He's scummy, he's nice, she has morals, he doesn't. That pitch was terrible, oh look at the predatory looks on their faces when the scantily clad girls come out."
We love to comment.
We love Shark Tank because we play along as if we have the smarts to suggest a better presentation, or offer more money to a fool proof product. Scrub Daddy - we want one! That guy with the flashing patches on jean pockets-absolutely not! Last night the male sharks were horribly rude to Real Estate Barbara with the red dress and big necklace . The FUBU guy was particularly awful to her. Then Kevin, who I think is smarmy, called her a witch. Is this like pro wrestling where they rehearse the drama ahead of time because if I was the only woman on that panel I might have pulled back and punched Kevin or Fubu. The director seems to have put the most polite ones on the end. The guy from Croatia is polite, moral and loves dogs, as seen by the Rat and the Bear dog ice cream pitch. The Croatian was abnormally fixated on the rat dog and picked him up against his will while an unnaturally happy dog owner couple smiled through their tears that Robert only liked the dog, not the ice cream.
Last night Barbara the shark got lambasted and the night before, Lori Greiner was on the chopping block. Why do the men feel the need to pick on the women? I don't see Fubu picking on Mark. Or Kevin picking on Robert. Well, actually Kevin is pretty rude to everyone.
Here's my lowdown of each Shark and what I think of them:

Mark- sports team owner, business man and well spoken guy, Mark seems like the nicest one of the bunch and often opts out early if he feels he can't add anything to joining the business.
FUBU - He has the cutest little smiley lips but don't let that fool you. He's mean. Last night he pretty much lied when he promised the guitar chord inventor an endorsement by a really big pop star he managed. Wait. does he manage talent now? Cool.
Kevin - Dresses well, Probably came from nothing and is never gonna look back, including being humble or polite.
Real Estate Woman Barbara - My husband and I REALLY like her. But then, hubby is in real estate. She is classy, carries herself well and speaks nicely to the contestants, I mean business people. Why does FUBU think she's not a good business mentor?
Lori Greiner (Ponytail QVC lady) She's savvy. Loads of people shop on QVC so why do the men poo poo her efforts? Just because she's not Wall Street? I like to hear what she has to say. And I think the women have credibility when a presenter uses a pretty woman and the male sharks' dorsal fin stands on end over a low cut blouse or tight jeans.

This week each shark has chosen a favorite episode from the re-runs and so far we've been thoroughly entertained. I love to see the updates on past products, whether the sharks chose them to mentor or not. I'm looking forward to the next few nights of sharks and chumming with bait.
What about you? Who's your favorite?

Kim Hornsby is the Best Selling Author of Necessary Detour and The Dream Jumper's Promise and loves to spew narcissistically on her blog.

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