Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miley Makes Audience Cry

Miley Cyrus has a business plan in place, that's for sure!
Step 1, do something so provocative that the whole world is talking about it.
Step 2, announce the breakup of your engagement to a man who bounces back the next day with another woman. (this guarantees sympathy for you)
Step 3, Show your actual talent at the next huge concert and feel free to show emotion.  What is step 4? Release the next song on your album and watch the reaction.

Saturday night, Miley Cyrus performed in Las Vegas at the i Heart Radio Festival and sang with such talent and emotion that she had the audience in tears, along with her. THIS GIRL CAN SING! I think amidst all the boohaha about her strip dance with Robin Thicke, we forgot that she has singing chops. Oh yes she does. The video isn't up on youtube yet of the performance but you can bet that when it is, the world will be tuning in to see the train wreck but ending up moved by her performance.
As a singer/entertainer I have to wonder if the tears were all part of the plan. It isn't hard to get caught up in the emotion of a song and let a few drop. Regardless, Kudos to Miley again for making her name a household word again this week. Notice I didn't give credit to her bizarre, look-at-me-I'm-screaming-for-attention outfit?
What's next? Can't wait.

Note:Adam Lambert's set with Queen was one of the most awesome performances I've ever seen. LOVE THAT MAN who sings pretty darned close to perfection in concert! Putting his own spin on Freddy Mercury songs, he rocked the stage and at the same time did not try to take away from the guaranteed perfection of QUEEN. Well done Lambert.

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