Saturday, May 25, 2013

Amanda Bynes Doesn't Do Drugs

This blog was written May 25th. Check the update below...

Today the star of Easy A tells us, via twitter, that she doesn't drink or do drugs. If we are to believe this, then  there is something worse going on here besides lying. The former child actress and recently famous celebrity for spinning out of control via twitter pics, is seriously in need of mental health evaluation. Let's say she wasn't drunk or high when she tweeted those near naked pics of herself on the toilet. And let's say her horribly rude comments to Jenny McCarthy were said without the help of alcohol and drugs. If that is true then Amanda Bynes needs a really good shrink. Something terrible is happening inside the brain of that young woman and the only answer is to commit her to a mental health facility and give her 24/7 access to a psychiatrist.
Personally I think she needs rehab desperately and all her tweeting is a cry for help. Who doesn't agree with me? Throwing a bong out the window at the sight of policemen entering her New York apartment and then denying that she did that or that she is involved in drugs is just crazy talk. When someone has to remove a ratty wig to reveal their recently shaved head to be booked for possession, something is terribly wrong. And then to have her comment that she needs to get another nose job by the sight of her mug shot, not that she needs rehabilitation, is sad. According to Ms. Bynes, she needs Niki Minaj's wig master, a new nose job and for people to leave her alone, even though she tweets constantly, has strange men (she apparently had never seen before) in her bathroom and takes little or no pride in her physical appearance unless it's to tweet her sexy underwear photos.
Amanda Bynes, the gig is up. We hear you. Time to call someone to help. I suggest Robert Downey Jr. or any of the countless other actors who've pulled their careers from the wreckage of drugs to go on to lead a productive life. Do it. Now.

Update July 27th
Amanda Bynes tried to set fire to a gasoline can in a driveway in Thousand Oaks (her hometown) a few days ago and according to rule #117 of the Home Owners Guidelines in the upscale neighborhood north of Los Angeles, that is not allowed. Now she's not only Cuckoo but she's dangerous. Taken away by the men in white coats, it is in the hands of a judge now, whether her parents will get power of attorney over her and the millions she supposedly is blowing left right and center. At least if she's in a 'hospital' the troubled young woman does not have access to drugs and will either detox or prove that the problem is mental, not pharmaceutical.
Breaking down like this in front of the public, and making her downward spiral into heck public on twitter, she's become like our troubled cousin who we can't stop watching. We can't look away as much as we want to. Uggh. Hang in there Ma and Pa Bynes.

Update August 16th. She's still under observation but it's looking good for Ma Bynes' conservatorship.

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