Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Take This Job and Shove It

 You know that song "Take this Job and Shove It"? I kinda did one of those on Saturday. Except, being me, I simply walked out of a meeting quietly and said "I'm done."
I don't like a lot of conflict.Can you tell by the last sentence? And, I like to be liked. Which got me in this situation in the first place. Someone at my job did not like me and my sales methods, and was hating on me for weeks. I dreaded working with her but thought we'd come to an understanding. Until she started up again last Friday. In front of customers, she basically told me that I was stealing her sales. Understand that although we sell designer jeans and expensive clothes, we are not on commission.
Long story short, a pow wow was called to try to get to the bottom of her angst (or so I thought) but when we all sat down, she took over the meeting, it was allowed, and I walked out when she told untruths about things she thought I did. Let me just spew here that I was one of the top sales people at this store in 2012 and am well liked by almost everyone. Really.
I loved my job. Selling clothes to women was so much fun over the last 15 months. I loved every aspect of working for America's biggest department store. The pay wasn't much but it was and enjoyable place to work. When it stopped being fun and it was evident that someone did not like me - ALOT- I couldn't stay. It was ruined for me.
I'm sorry that I let mean girl win but glad that I left before I told her to shut her pie hole, which apparently I did one time on the ski hill in Whistler when someone tried my patience a little too much.
I think leaving quietly was a lovely way to end a job. And to just not show up for work on Monday but assume they heard me, was even more lovely. Especially after it felt like a Saturday ambush in the ole' corral and I was what they were having for dinner. There was no staying after mean girl was allowed to go on and on.
So, readers, if you are ever faced with a situation where you just can't stay and keep the piehole comment in your mouth, I invite you to stand up, say you are done and go look for alternate ways to make money.
Like writing books! The second installment in The Husband Hunt is now done and will be published this week. The Dream Jumper's Promise gets a new cover tomorrow and goes to .99 for ten days!  And, along with Christine M. Fairchild, I am entering into a new venture as one of a group called BEACH READ AUTHORS.
Lots to do now that I'm not working at my day job.

Over and Out!

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